• Webcomic Distribution: Distribution Methods, Monetization and Niche Markets

      Volo, Kevin (2011-01-01)
      The purpose of this project was to examine what happens when it is time to distribute a webcomic and how webcomic distribution can be compared to the music industry and journalism blogger. Both industries have undergone a change in how they interact and deliver product to consumers and readers. To do this I examined three areas that make up webcomic distribution: community, monetization and niche genres. My project will also examine three challenges of how a webcomic can be used to present scholarly research. The challenges that will be covered are: how to use citations, how to provide references for another artists work and how to present data such as charts, timelines and graphs. To do this I constructed a webcomic and created a website to detail my findings. It can be viewed at: www.webcomicdistribution.com.