• Creating An Online Course Teaching Social Media Applications

      Sweeney, Vanessa (2013-05-01)
      Due to the shift from Instructor centered learning to student centered learning, careful consideration has to be given to the needs of adult learners in all facets of education. Time restrictions and the learner’s current skill level are two areas that need to be addressed in adult learning. To address these issues in a non-credit course on social media applications that I am teaching this summer face to face, I have developed an online learning environment to supplement in classroom instruction. The online learning environment is able to be accessed by students when it’s convenient for them, which helps expand upon the instruction that they receive in the classroom. In addition, learning theories and information design principles are applied to the online learning environment to increase the student’s ability to learn, as well focus on web accessibility. The online learning environment has been developed using WordPress; a free and open source web content management system.