• Design and Implement a Photo Gallery website for Snapshots of Resettlement: A Digital Showcase of Images and Stories of Resettled Refugees in Utica, NY

      Cohen, Douglas (2014-05-01)
      The concept for this project originated from the acceptance of Dr. Kathryn Stam's proposed photos essay idea of Bhutanese-Nepali refugees in Utica, NY to the journal Himalaya (http://digitalcommons.macalester.edu/himalaya). The Snapshots of Resettlement project is an extension of the concepts in the Refugees Starting Over in Utica, NY website (http://www.startingoverutica.com) but has been implemented such that it is an independent entity. This paper will explore the technology platforms used to create the Snapshots of Resettlement online photo gallery. It will also provide an overview of design and implementation decisions made through the duration of this project. In addition, this paper will offer details on select information design principles used in this project’s implementation.
    • Developing Content for a Cross-Cultural Website: Integrating Web Strategies, Cultural Considerations and Blogging Techniques

      Christopher, Mary (2013-06-01)
      Using new technologies to create an online and community presence for diverse cultures requires extensive planning and strategizing. This paper illustrates some of the issues and methods to consider when developing content for a cross-cultural website and establishing a foundation for a novice user to take over. The purpose of the project behind this paper was to promote awareness on a Bhutanese-Nepali refugee group who resettled in Utica, New York and educate the community on their Hindu religion and cultural practices. A group of graduate students who worked with the refugees built a userfriendly website (https://hauny001.wordpress.com), created content that would set the right tone and provide useful information and implemented an effective marketing strategy.