• Designing a MOOC for Citizen Planner Training

      Brown, Elizabeth A. (2013-12-01)
      Many major cities are now offering Citizen Planner certification programs to fulfill the need to educate residents and stakeholders on issues related to community development and urban planning. Unfortunately many of the programs currently available have fees for registration, are located on-site, and are only available for a limited time. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) present a unique opportunity to provide Citizen Planner training for low to moderate income people and in a way that is both more affordable and accessible. Furthermore, this project involves the creation of a MOOC for Citizen Planner training and examines the value of using the value of using MOOCs for planning education. Findings support that the use of Keller’s ARCS Motivation Theory in combination with a thoughtful layout will engage and motivate MOOC participants both during and after completion of certification.
    • A Personal Web Portfolio: Creating an Online Presence from Conception to Implementation

      Stam, Kathryn; Thesis Advisor; Jofre, Ana; Second Reader; Pierre, Marvin (2020-05)
      Approaching the end of my two-year journey through SUNY Poly’s online IDT program, I felt it was necessary for me to create an artifact showcasing my growth and progression as an Information Designer. Since I completed my degree entirely online (via distance learning), I decided to create a web portfolio representing my work in the program. This paper maps, from concept to execution, my process for creating a personal portfolio website. It includes research and analysis of existing portfolios websites, and it investigates how technology and selected design principles influence a website’s creation. The research presented here culminates with the creation and launch of my own personal portfolio website.