• Evaluating the Appropriateness of Using Web Technologies to Promote Farm Safety to New York Farmers

      Park, Samantha (2014-05-01)
      In the past, internet and smart-phone use was not common among the farm community. With advances in technology, the average number of cell phone owners has increased, as well as access to high speed internet. More farms are looking to social media for promotion for their farms, and this study aimed to determined if the farm population also uses web 2.0 technologies to find information related to safety practices. Surveys with the farming community were administered at trade show events, and targeted small dairy and livestock farmers. These surveys collected information about access to technology, technology use, and information gathering practices. The study reveled that farmers do indeed have access to mobile devices and internet connections, and they commonly go to the internet as a source for their farm questions. This allows us to believe that if used in conjunction with the other two main information gathering practices (reading publications, and talking to peers), we could successfully reach our target with a web 1.0 and web 2.0 campaign.