• Expanding the Classroom: Using Video Tutorials to Create Choices in the Elementary Art Classroom

      Prestigiacomo, Floretta (2015-05-01)
      This paper will discuss the benefits of video tutorials, effective tutorial development techniques, video tutorial application, and personal applications and ideas for using video tutorials in an elementary art classroom. The research questions, how can video tutorials be used as an educational methodology in the elementary art curriculum to supplement a choice-based art program and what is the process of executing video tutorials in the elementary art classroom are examined. A video series prototype was created using IMovie for a 4th grade Native American art unit. Constructivist learning theory, anchored instruction and information-processing strategies guided the development of the unit. Creating the video series proved to be an extensive yet worthwhile experience. Employing video tutorials in the elementary art classroom may be valuable method of instruction that is paid for with an investment of time.