• Developing a Moodle Course as an Engaging and Collaborative Teaching Tool to Correlate the Common Core with K12 Videoconferencing

      Burroughs, Jenny Marie (2014-05-01)
      This project was designed to develop an online engaging and collaborative teaching tool for educators within my region on how to correlate the common core with K-12 video conferencing. I created an online e-learning platform in Moodle for educators to collaborate and share ideas anywhere at any time due to the fact educators may lack time and professional development opportunities to gather this information elsewhere. Not only will my project showcase my Moodle course, but also this opportunity will allow me to illustrate my results on the following learning theories of cognitive and constructivist and their principles to the plugins within the Moodle course content. Cognitive theories will include the six principles by Clark and Mayer and constructivist theories will include the principles by Allesi and Trollip. The overall achievement is to design a digital prototype that provides the opportunity for me to educate and facilitate to educators and to also have them educate and facilitate with others using the various Moodle plugins provided.