• AOSOS Master Hyperguide: A Hypertextual Guide to Using America's One Stop Operating System

      Baertschi, Adam (2016-12-01)
      In today's business world, it is common for guidance to be disseminated by a training authority or central, decision-making body to the people that make up the organization's staff. This guidance can be anything from fire drill procedures to instructions on how to use software vital to the organization's operations. Many private and governmental agencies still rely on sending out standardized textual documents that contain the intended instruction. Using a governmental department of New York State as an example, we can quickly identify the problems with this method of guidance and look to Information Design for a solution.
    • Assisting Seniors with Technology Challenges: Video Tutorials for Password Development and Management

      Stam, Kathryn; Thesis Advisor; Lizardi, Ryan; Second Reader; Hanna, Margie (2021-05)
      Seniors often have difficulties using evolving technology while keeping their valuable personal data safe. This research effort began with assessing how and why seniors use technology and determining the best educational techniques to help them connect with instructional information. Additional research determined how design principles including layering and progressive disclosure could be applied to enhance these techniques. In an effort to maintain a manageable scope, password development and management was selected as an example technology challenge. The current state of training resources related to these topics on Facebook and YouTube was surveyed and analysis performed to determine if the design principles and instructional techniques discovered through the aforementioned research were evident. Good tips and tricks for strong password development were incorporated into the instructional design/development plan. A Facebook group and training videos were developed to facilitate assisting seniors with password creation and management.