• Supporting Interactive Fundraising for Gen X Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors in the New England Area

      Winters, Robert (2015-12)
      Two theories were used in creating the application. The first, Human Centered Design accounts for a number of factors which support a design in being user-friendly and highly functional. The second, Engestrom’s Activity Theory, which stipulates for certain outcomes (goals) it is necessary to produce certain objects (experiences and knowledge). The question under investigation was: Can a mobile application provide interested parties transparent nonprofit financial information and allow them to make a personal contribution? Through the process of prototyping it was found that a mobile application can connect an individual to an organization. It was also found that it is possible for said application to create a connection that results in real world impact by providing clear and easy methods of contributing time and money. In providing this medium of connecting the user to an organization it was also found the organization can provide user impact data through the application to share real time data generating a cycle of application use, impact and reporting which builds over time. The application has been fully prototyped but has not yet been tested in a real world environment. The prototype can be viewed by downloading App Taster (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id518977767) and opening the prototype file (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ttzg8kv1dwntjyi/AABrcWwi1c23fC0Hm7oOB5hPa?dl=0).