• Applied Hypertext Theory in a Demonstration of a Non-Sequential Audio Narrative

      Fitzpatrick, Philip J (2016-05)
      A Non-sequential, narrative can present objects, actual or imaginary, which depict connected events, presented in a medium that affords opportunities to determine the sequence of the presentation. Non-sequential, narratives can have multiple beginnings but no end although they do offer levels of saturation. Hypertext techniques can be used as a platform for the creation of a non-sequential narrative through links to text and multimedia as hypermedia. This paper reviews Non-sequential narrative and hypertext techniques and their affordances to a reader/listener for novel exploration and new narrative creation from an existing audio narrative. A demonstration project for applying hypertext techniques to audio based on the Serial, Undisclosed and Serial Dynasty related podcasts to allow reader/listener narrative exploration and creation are also examined. The function of a future application to allow for a listener to segue directly between audio segments.