• Designing a Website for Karen Cultural maintenance and promotion: Karen Cultural Preservation in Utica, NY

      Htoo, Jenjira May (2015-05-01)
      This research examines the use of the Internet in preserving Karen Burmese culture, society, and ethnic identities in Utica, NY. The study explored the use of new media amongst Karen Burmese with specific attention to the function of new media in the process of identity formation. This study will expand on the literature though the uses and gratifications theory in new media and social network sites (SNSs) and by a specific case study of Karen-Burmese refugees, which examines the history and social context of Karen people, Karen refugees and resettlement and cultural identity. In particular the case study looks at the dong dancing, and how media is appropriated for purposes of cultural maintenance and for traditional values and ethnic identity. Information and communication technologies have become integral features in assisting the process of Karen refugees communicating with their families and relatives, and share their culture and identity online and offline.The second part includes the consolidation of Karen cultural (digital) materials about the project of Karen Cultural Preservation. Karen Burmese refugees’ cultural heritages, identities, and community, a project of maintaining and promoting Karen culture were consolidated in a WordPress website. The paper covered the WordPress theme selection integrated features and designs and screenshots accompanied with annotations.