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    •   Reflecting on the Residual: Toni Morrison, Race, Gender, and Strategic Essentialism

      LEVENE, Shakeisha (2019)
      My senior project focuses on Toni Morrison and one of her most contemporary books,Tar Baby (1981 ). I seek to show that in these novels, in her interviews, and nonfiction work Morrison disseminates dominant gender ideology. It is especially important to investigate her beliefs and how they come through her literature because Morrison is seen as a beacon of freedom, and readers, especially black female readers, are especially sensitive to absorbing residual notions of gender and sometimes race from Morrison's structure of feeling. Morrison says that she wants her characters, her readers, and herself to be free, but her views of "freedom" in racial relations simultaneously reproduce oppression in gender relations. Morrison's work shows that she still believes that women, especially black women, should conform to traditional gender roles. These roles seem natural to her, but they are not natural, only cultural and as such are assigned by the dominant of our culture and work to their benefit. She suggests that black women just have to try to grow as "free" individuals while also caring for and being responsible for everyone else in their lives in virtually every way possible. Morrison thinks that when she voices these ideas she is speaking from an individual sense of what is right, and that accepting these responsibilities is an essential part of woman's life. However, she does not realize how she has been conditioned by Ideological State Apparatuses to hold these values. My work will show how Jadine (Tar Baby) is affected by these values, and how black women in the contemporary moment are affected by them. As well as I will search for a politically useful way to read these novels, that does not leave readers vulnerable to Morrison's residual dominant beliefs            ReplyForward                    
    • The Impact on Children of Divorced Parents

      Villalobos, Matthew (2019)
      Below is a thorough research project on the impact on children of divorced parents. It discusses the different affects divorce has on children from a young age into their adulthood. As well as adults' personal perspectives from their experiences that came from their parent's divorce. The main argument of this paper is that divorce negatively impacts children throughout their earlier life stages rather than during their adolescent stages. My research questions include "How does divorce affect a child's well-being?" and "How do adults make sense of their parents' divorce? Does this differ from when they were children and if so how?". I research to find literature on the different affects divorce has on children and how adults view and act towards divorce. The method that will help me advance in research about this topic is by undertaking media content analysis. 
    • The Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

      West, Deija Samaya (2019)
      Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is described as the preoccupation with one's looks to the point of severe impairment and poor quality of life. Nearly 2% of the population is affected by BDD with a purported equal number of men and women falling into some subcategory of the disorder. BDD contains both a delusional and non-delusional variant as well as comorbidity several other disorders. This paper outlines whether CBT is an effective and/or long term method of treatment along with the benefits and drawbacks.
    • Visualizing History: The Case For Chronography

      ZOMBEK, Steven (2019)
      This paper outlines the inspiration for and investigation of the use of new media as a tool for teaching history visually by mapping chronological data. These methods include an animated demonstration of a modular interactive timeline system and infographic posters. The paper's first section is research based, and details the shortcomings of human perception as it relates to long spans of time, and the benefits of visual representation of time, as well as the various motives that make up the project's overall theme; for example it's special focus on technological determinism. The second section is an artist statement reporting on the process of constructing the project, its resulting product, and a final assessment of the concept and it's potential for further development. 
    • What I Should Say: How Video Affects Our Thinking

      Schlicht, Christian (2019)
      This paper reviews the potential effect that consuming digital video content can have on our conscious and subconscious minds. Consuming narrative digital video content such as feature films, short films, series, or experimental video attracts us through emotionally relatable themes. Knowing this, we can explore how susceptible individuals are to be mentally influenced by what they see on screen. Throughout the text, different genres of digital video are discussed and analyzed how audiences can relate to what they are seeing on screen. One of the heaviest weighted factors that allows us to be affected is emotional relatability (Matthews, 2013). When we connect with what a character is going through we are forced to self reflect on what we are going through. Additionally, the text considers different methods of consumption such as episodic and binging. Both positive and negative aspects are considered within the research of how consuming digital can affect us. It is hoped that this analysis of the mental effect that digital video has on us is predominately positive. There are certain factors to consider when weighing how beneficial it can be to our society. Finally, this research and analysis is discussed in contribution with how it affected the production of my senior project.
    • Appropriation: A Contribution to Revolutionary Struggle

      Antonazzo, Brianna (2019)
      This paper presents the history of collage in the avant-garde using examples from 20th and 21st century art movements including Dada, The Situationist International, Punk, Riot Grrrl, and the work of Martha Rosler. Through this history, the effectiveness of collage is revealed by its ability to connect the ideas of the avant-garde art world with contemporary mass politics. This understanding of collage is applied to an original project paying homage to the Situationist International and their political graffiti.  
    • Title: Loving Women    

      Bellamy, Jaclyn (2019)
      Loving women details the body of work I created throughout my senior year- a body of paintings revolving around my thesis. The crucial idea behind Loving women is trying to take and subvert the male gaze and try to replicate it through the lens of a woman who is also attracted to women. The Subversion comes from taking stereotypical aspects of the sexualization of women throughout history and recreating them in my lens, one that is not that of a heterosexual male, but of a young women who love other women, and to see if the works have the same effect or feel as would works created from the former lens. Following that idea is the further thought of taking traditional gender roles for women and rejecting them by seemingly embracing them in a rebellious sense. Through inspiration from 50s and 60s adverts and television, I detail the notion that the roles themselves are not the hrm, but the designation to them and the expectation for women to follow through with them.  The paper details specific readings and media that brought upon inspiration along with visual guides of pieces to illustrate vital points.
    • Quantification of Micro-plastics From Beaches of Long Island and Connecticut  

      DOHERTY, Brian (2019)
      Plastic debris in the oceans and on coastlines is of growing concern, with issues ranging from aesthetic to ecological. This research quantified micro- (0.5 – 5.0 mm) and macro-plastics (> 5.0 mm) in sediments collected from intertidal zones of eleven locations along the shores of Long Island and Connecticut. Shores surrounding the Long Island Sound estuary, ocean-facing beaches along the south shore of Long Island, and bays within Long Island were sampled. Three cores of ca. 265 cm3 were collected at five points along the wrack line. Recovered plastics included fragments, foam, fibers, beads, nurdles, and film. Foam constituted 94% of all plastic recovered.  Ninety percent of all plastics were micro-plastics (< 5mm).  In each of the four regions, eastern locations had the largest percentage of micro-plastics. The LIS-S region had the greatest density with 3.5 pieces of plastic per 10 g of sediment. The Bay region contained the lowest plastic density with 0.05 pieces of plastic per 10 g of sediment. Micro-plastic percentage increased along a West to East gradient. Understanding how plastics interact with the environment is a vital step in tackling the issue of plastic pollution.
    • Antidote

      FRANCIS, Brittney (2019)
      There is an epidemic of intraracial sexual abuse against Black women and girls that results in unaddressed generational trauma. My own experiences drew me to challenge this sexual violence. Through researching interpersonal violence, Womanism, cultural betrayal trauma theory and Ubuntu, I developed a deep understanding of Black sexual politics and gender. I hosted a series of themed tea parties in my apartment for fellow survivors. Each tea party revolved around different topics and tea brews crafted to counteract the emotions I associate with each topic. At the conclusion of each tea party, I gave my guests party bags that served as self care packages. The tea parties were documented through photography and the photos are accompanied by text on the website I created to store my senior project. I am aware that it's beyond the scope of my senior project to abolish the sociocultural factors that enable this sexual violence. With my senior project I challenge the silence and ways of thought surrounding sexual violence in within the Black community.
    • Theatre and it's Response to the #Metoo Movement  

      Grillo, Sarahanne (2019)
      This Theatre and Performance senior project consisted of acting in the Fall 2018 Purchase Performance Lab in the short comedy, The Role of Della by John Wooten. The Role of Della is a short comedy about an actress who has her heart set on the role of Della, the lead, but she must convince a difficult director that she is right for the part. The project was directed by Alex Kaouris and was also Rachel Kingsland's senior project. The research for this project delved in to the theatre's reaction to the #Metoo movement, in plays, festivals, and organizationally. 
    • From One Dreamer to Another Think-Tank Collaborative: Building Resilient Communities by embracing the power of Arts, Education and Community Innovations

      Ono, Sura (2019)
      From One Dreamer to Another is a multi-collaborative Think-Tank that utilizes the power of Arts, Education and Community to address the specific needs of each community and its future. Every project is based on the explicit identity and needs of the community. The mission is to build strong communities with a vibrant arts culture and unite advocates for experiential education. Each unique endeavor contributes to the health of a resilient community. Bold models have been growing in neighborhoods throughout the U.S. initiated by passionate individuals.  First Lady Michelle Obama, Davita Davidson, Alice Waters, Bette Midler, and Ron Finely have proven the powers of community gardens and are cited in this paper. The think-tank brainstorming team structure includes: Professional Artists, Educators/Students, Community Organizations, and for the launching project, Gardeners/ Farmers all experts in their respective fields.  The ultimate goal is to encourage the brilliance of Arts and Educational algorithms to serve our precious communities. Access to the intrinsic culture of Arts has been depleted in our small neighborhoods throughout our country. Replaced by quick-fix distracting antidotes, our communities fill up with Starbucks, chain stores and Amazon products. Our neighborhoods and families are losing unique humanistic spiritual connecting forces. Let's reclaim our compass. What local activity unites people of all ages, cultures, and crosses divisive boundaries in a sequential way, empowering neighbors? Community Gardens. How and Why is revealed in this One Dreamer to Another senior project.
    • av|10-1 

      DeWaters, Matthew (2019)
      is a creative agency and independent cassette label that produces audio and visual experiences for its artists. It was created by Matthew DeWaters for his senior project in 2019 in Purchase, NY.
    •   Education Inequality  

      Mangual, Savasia (2019)
      The United States education system is implicitly unequal, especially for low income families who live in urban cities across the country. This is manifested in multiple ways such as, school choice policies, charter's federal funding, and policies that reinforce bias. Black and brown students are not, and have not been serviced by the public school system and this is cultivating a huge gap in achievement for these children. 
    • Return of the Oppressed: Race and Gender in American Horror Films

      VELASQUEZ, Ana (2019)
      Horror, a genre that has been home to many mainstream and cult classic films, is surrounded by thoughtful and engaging research that has interrogated the genre's ability to confront trauma, often through abstract representations and allegories. This paper seeks to examine exactly whose trauma is represented and confronted in popular American horror films, and then compare these representations against three specific films: Alien, directed by Ridley Scott (1979), Candyman, directed by Bernard Rose (1992), and The Witch, directed by Robert Eggers (2016). Alien, Candyman, and The Witch, are unique amongst the mainstream horror canon both for the traumas they confront and how those traumas are represented. Sexual assault, the legacy of racism, and misogyny are central themes in each of these films respectively. Close analysis of specific scenes will underscore the ways in which certain themes are expressed in the films. By engaging with and critiquing works by horror film scholars - including Carol Clover, Adam Lowenstein, and Michelle Raheja – this paper will investigate the ways in which these three films specifically subvert or break away from traditions of the genre.
    • Fair and Lovely: Colorism and the Skin Bleaching Epidemic 

      Watkin, Keisha (2019)
      The senior project I am presenting discusses the issues of skin bleaching and how it affects the minds of those who do so.
    • No Happy Ending For Abel Green as "The Snitch" from Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green  

      Riley, Marlon (2019)
      This senior project in Theatre and Performance contains acting in a solo performance of Howard L. Craft's Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green in the Passage Gallery. The production was composed by two students within the theatre department hoping to shed light onto black American history.
    • To Engage, or Not to Engage the Audience: The Terrifying, and politically charged theater

      Taylor, Kathleen (2019)
      This senior project in Theatre and Performance consisted of stage managing a experimental political production of The Terrifying written by Julia Jarcho. Work on the production was supported by knowledge obtained in academic courses based in collaboration and design techniques.
    • The Influential Link Between Network Television & Culture in the U.S

      Pena, Natalie (2019)
      In this study, an assessment of how television influences culture, or vice versa, will be conducted, as well as a further analysis of the presence of socio-political messages within the content of popular shows in broadcast television. Three television series' have been selected from the NBC Entertainment's primetime scripted lineup. The three shows selected for this study are The Good Place, I Feel Bad and Will & Grace, which each have a 30 minute run time. These series will be assessed via content and discourse analyses of each of the three shows. The content analysis will explain the theme of each episode, focusing on the parts with socio-political content. The discourse analysis will be used to assess the impact of dialogue that uses language that is clearly socio-political.The questions I hope to answer from this study are 1) Does television influence culture? How? 2) How does this reflect in society? 3) Does the network of focus insert socio-political content within the shows?  
    • The Terrifying: A Look into The Representation of Latinos  

      Jorge, Michael (2019)
      This senior project in Theatre and Performance consisted of acting the role of Vosha in The Terrifying, supported by research into the representation of Latinos and the fight against stereotypes in three different decades of United States, focusing on Desi Arnaz, John Leguizamo, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.    
    • Physical Therapy for Spinal Conditions

      Mathew, Judy (2019)
      The intention of this project is to focus on common types of pain management for spinal conditions, through the use of physical therapy.