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  • Unlikely Failures

    Lupinacci, Jake (2021)
    Three friends who seemed like the most likely to succeed in high school now find themselves 5 years older and nearing rock bottom.
  • The Validity of Math Games

    Quezada, Bryan A. (2021)
    This study examines the validity of math games in math classes from elementary school to high school. A math game could be a viable alternative learning format that differs from traditional math exercises. Six experimenters conducted tests to see if math games compare to traditional math exercises. The experimenters' methods and results were analyzed and discussed in the context of these three factors, setting, medium, and age-demographic. The results show that math games are valid and will provide excellent results in a traditional classroom through a digital application with a younger player-base. From these results, we can conclude that a math game is valid and should be part of a teaching curriculum.
  • Into the Brain

    Denatale, Shannon M. (2021)
    My senior project is a 33 page poetry manuscript consisting of a four page essay and 32 poems. The poems in this manuscript are formatted with a visual component. This visual component has been edited into distortion, then given a low opacity to allow the overlay of the corresponding poem to be easily read. Then, the original, unedited visual component has been placed alongside the poem as a vivid aid to imagination in the corner/unoccupied portion of the page. This design is meant to offer as much context as possible for my words, however both without making the poetry overshadowed or serving as a strict guideline as to how to visualize the words. This visual component consists of paintings and photographs that offer a sensory aspect aimed to evoke synesthesia. For each of my poems, I aimed to include strong imagery that would evoke an image in the reader's mind. This image in the reader's mind is meant to mirror the visual I included for the poem in a meaningful way. I wanted to bridge the gap between art disciplines by means of direct correlation between image and text. This bridging of the gap between visual and text is also intended to take place within the poem as well, this is the synesthesia. Within my poems are metaphors, narratives and images meant to combine multiple sensory factors. Along with synesthesia, my poetry also defines itself as confessional. This manuscript is devotedly emotional. The emotions in my poems are analyzed and personified in a manner thorough enough to evoke a sense of surrealism. This combination of synesthesia, confessionalism and surrealism are all aimed to create a saturated sensory experience for my readers. I want my poetry to be surround-sound and bottom-less with imagination and correlation.
  • Growing In and Stretching Out

    Smith, Christeina (2021)
    In this project I fight to find my best self after being forced into roles that no longer suit me,
  • Law, Life, and Passports Amongst Travelling to Egypt

    Ellisy, Eslam (2021)
    Abstract Background - Egypt today is one of the seven wonders of the world. Egypt brings in many outside traveling tourists. Someone traveling to Egypt should know what to expect regarding Egyptian Law compared to U.S law. What can someone also expect with the passport they are traveling with?, whether they travel to Egypt or anywhere else. The life of Egypt today and what it has to offer. Objective - The research aims to inform travelers of what they can expect traveling to Egypt and what they can expect when traveling with their specific travel passports. Design and Method - The research method is based on current literature, research, and conversations with two people with the first-hand experience of Egypt. This research includes information from the Purchase College Library Database, credible sources from Google, and from two people who were originally from Egypt but now live in New York. The research question is, what can an American citizen traveling to Egypt expect? What are the similarities and differences between Egyptian and U.S law? What are the world's strongest travel passports, and what makes them strong? Results - The significance of this study is that Egypt is a unique travel destination that many travelers should know about before visiting, regarding the law, culture, and environment. Travelers should also be aware of what their passport does for them. Conclusion - Egypt is a must-see tourist site, but travelers should know what to expect when visiting. The culture, law, and environment make it very different from the U.S. Egypt have made drastic changes in its own country, from the laws to its tourist sites. Keywords - Egypt, Egyptian Constitution, Cairo, Traveling to Egypt, Travel Passport
  • The Potential Political Biases Between History Textbooks: New York and Texas

    Williams, Alicia (2021)
    My senior project examines how American history textbooks present information that differs according to location of the schools. There is a specific process within the educational publishing industry, that combines with state curricula, that affects content. This project addresses these processes by examining two history textbooks, one from New York and one from Texas. These two textbooks are analyzed to see if any political biases are presented within them in regard to three important topics: slavery, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Motivation for Tipping: The Case of the U.S. Ridesharing Industry

    Floridia, Peter C. (2021)
    Tipping behavior is often overlooked in the academic literature, where it often focuses mostly on the restaurant industry. In this paper I use the Tipping Motivational Framework proposed by Lynn (2015) and apply it to the ride-sharing industry by distributing a survey to the campus of SUNY Purchase. The results from the survey indicate evidence that the strongest motivation factor is through service outcomes, subjects indicated they are highly receptive to how well their driver performed and tip accordingly. There is also evidence to support social motivations such as tipping out of concern of the driver's income and tipping in adherence to the normative 20% tip behavior found amongst many tipping industries. It must be said however, that these results are not indicative of the entire U.S population as the sample consisted of 28 economics students at SUNY Purchase.

    Gavrin, Andre P. (2021)
    This paper looks at whether there is a relationship between attachment style in romantic relationships and vocabulary usage. Previous work has demonstrated that people tend to use abstract generalizations to describe positive actions of people in their in-group but concrete situational language to describe negative actions of people in their in-group. The present study examines whether people show a similar bias when describing the actions of romantic partners, and whether attachments style modulates this bias. Anxiously attached participants were predicted to use more abstract vocabulary when recalling a positive story and more concrete language when recalling a negative story than avoidantly attached participants. This is due to the tendency for anxiously attached individuals to hold their partner in a very high regard (Shi, 2003), which is expected to exacerbate the language bias. Participants were asked to write positive and negative stories about their romantic partners, which were coded for concreteness. They were also asked to answer questions using a short version of the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale (ECR; Wei et al, 2007). The results indicated a higher concreteness score for positive stories compared to negative stories, which was the reverse of what was predicted. There was no significant relationship between attachment style and concreteness scores for the positive or negative stories. This study fails to support previous research on relationship biases .
  • Harassment and Alt-Right Ideology in the Star Wars Fandom

    Conwisar, Justin C. (2021)
    Detailing the wide spread harassment and alt-right ideology within the Star Wars fandom, and its effect on the fans, the actors, and the industry.
  • Skinny Girl

    Karnatz, Alyssa J. (2021)
    My Eating Disorder Story
  • Humility and Construal Level

    Albanese, Anthony M. (2021)
    The current study investigated the effects of humility on construal level, which is a measure of the extent to which one thinks abstractly or concretely. Existing research demonstrates an association between humility and increased self-control. Researchers have also suggested that humility can lessen the impacts of ego threats (Tong, Tan Chor, Koh, Lee, & Tan, 2015). However, no research findings have been able to demonstrate a mechanism for these associations. Borrowing from the literature on self-affirmation (thinking positively about oneself), the current study examined if construal level is a mediator factor after a humility manipulation. Research done on self-affirmation associates self-affirmation with increased self-control and a less impacted ego, with high-level construal (abstract thought) being a possible mediator (Schmeichel & Vohs, 2009). Since humility and self-affirmation are both associated with decreased impacts of ego threats and increased self-control, it is likely that humility will be associated with high-level construal as well. Following this train of thought, the current study aimed to evaluate the role of participants' construal level following a humility induction. I hypothesized that participants primed with humility would score higher on a Behavior Identification Form (BIF), indicating that they have adopted a higher level of construal. This hypothesis was not supported since construal level did not differ between the humility and control conditions. Keywords: humility, construal level
  • "folk politics" Abigayle Pusz Senior Thesis

    Pusz, Abigayle B. (2021)
    My artist statement, in addition to two essays around my research into folk politics and the feeling of collective impotency.
  • Internet Gaming Disorder: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Treatments, and Understanding

    Samuels, Joshua (2021)
    Abstract Background: The internet has allowed people around the world to interact and play video games together. Online video game interaction has not been without issue. The diagnosis of video game addiction is on the rise. Objective: This study aims to figure out what video game addiction is, the negative psychological and social effects, and how we treat it. Design and Method: The research method is based on literature relating to the epidemiology, risk factors, treatments, and understanding of online video game addiction. Most of the research used was peer-reviewed psychology articles from the last ten years. The following research questions were investigated: Do we understand what online video game addiction is? (Is this a disorder or symptom of another disorder?) What are the negative phycological and social effects of online gaming disorders? How do we treat online video game addiction? Results: The significance of this study is that video game addiction is real and can have negative social and phycological effects. There is, however, a lot of preliminary findings that need to be further studied for us to understand who is at risk and how to treat them. Conclusions: Video game addiction is a relatively new diagnosis. There is a lot of groundwork that has already been laid by experts, but there is a lot to be still answered. With more time, there will be an even deeper understanding Keywords: Video game addiction, Internet gaming disorder (IGD), ADHD and video game addiction, depression, escapism
  • Shrinking Violet

    Bikheet, Sara M. (2021)
    A young adult embarking on her journey of self discovery while at a new school.
  • Does The Motion Aftereffect From Biological Motion Depend On Speed

    Swiatowicz, John (2020)
    This theoretical paper looks at and explores the properties that are involved in the formation of biological motion perception.
  • Comfort Food: Memories revolve around eating

    Looney, Avery E. (2021)
    Recreations of meals from my twenty-one years of life.
  • Beautiful Nightmares Screenplay

    Warnick, Cherrish M. (2021)
    My senior project is a full length 93 page screenplay. It is a mix of drama, thriller, and horror. When writing this script I really wanted to explore themes of reincarnation and psychological trauma. I challenged myself to write and do research on something the subject and incorporate them into my script. The screenplay is about George Langston, a mild mannered and well respected 41-year-old high school teacher living in suburbia with his wife of 15 years and two young children. He has been haunted by vivid and disturbing nightmares since his 41st birthday. His dreams feature a violent man who murders people, and George has not been able to have a proper night's rest because of them. He decides to seek professional help from a sleep/dream therapist after he falls asleep behind the wheel of his car due to sleep deprivation, and gets into an accident. He sees his therapist a few times a week and they work to decipher his dreams in order to stop them. Unfortunately, the therapy is failing and the dreams become even more gruesome. Yet, George keeps going to therapy because it makes his family happy. George soon decides to take drugs to keep him awake so he doesn't sleep and dream. His wife finds out about the drugs and kicks him out of the house. Suffering without his family, George and his therapist decide to try hypnosis as a last resort to help him get control of his dreams. They soon realize George's dreams are memories from a past life, in which he was a prolific serial killer. He struggles with this knowledge briefly but soon accepts the truth and his life spirals further out of control and people around him wind up dead.
  • Rural Versus Urban: Why America is Divided

    Anderson, Luke F. (2021)
    Abstract The rural and the urban are both terms that we, as a society, are generally familiar with. Donald Trump's election, however, these terms were suddenly vaulted into the mainstream of political thought and opinion. This divide may seem new to those not paying attention, but this fundamental difference in our society can explain many of the conflicts we have. The purpose of this study is to uncover why America's society defaults to this essential difference between the urban and the rural. Also, it explores how this difference intersects with various problems that will affect America in the future or already are affecting it at present. The method of research is based upon peer-reviewed journals from the Purchase Library database that pertain to the main problem of why the rural and the urban divide exists in America. The research questions are: Why has America divided along urban and rural lines? How does the urban and rural divide intersect with other societal problems? The importance of this study is to understand why we find ourselves in this scenario, where both the rural and the urban parts of our country seem to be living in separate universes. The "culture wars," as they have been dubbed, serve as an example of how the two aspects of America have drifted apart due to this rift. We as a nation must understand that to continue; we must heal this divide that has long plagued our nation.
  • Emerging Safety Issues in Cloud Computing

    Pizarro, Keyanna (2021)
    Cloud computing is a complex environment developed on a framework of systems, in terms of topology and network technology. The services in the cloud ecosystem are flexible and available to organizations on-demand, resulting in a significant growth in the number of clients in recent years. However, due to the key design feature of the Internet and protocols utilized to access these cloud services, it is vulnerable to a plethora of security issues. Out of these critical security issues, the Denial of Service (DoS) and the Distributed Denial of Ser- vice (DDoS) rank high on the long list of prominent cyber attacks in the cloud infrastructure. In this thesis, we will examine and discuss the frequent security issues in cloud computing, as well as, provide detection mechanisms for Denial of Service attacks in the cloud environment (with Amazon AWS) using SNMP. The attack's impact is measured in terms of processor pa- rameters such as, CPU utilization, I/O, and latency.
  • #WomenGotGame

    Guanlao, Jette P. (2020)
    The title of my project is #WomenGotGame. The reason for the paper/project is to provide the Women's National Basketball Association with an optimal marketing campaign in which we attempt to secure the future of the league and its players by making the WNBA a viable career choice. I'm an avid sports fan. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch. I live, breathe, and sleep basketball. I decided to do this project because the WNBA is highly underappreciated and undervalued and I believe the league needs more shine. These women deserve the money because they put in the time and the work and I believe their efforts should be rewarded.

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