Recent Submissions

  • A Tale of Two Tools: Comparing LibKey Discovery to Quicklinks in Primo VE

    Locascio, Jill; Rubel, Dejah (Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, a division of the American Library Association, 2023-06-19)
    Consistent delivery of full-text content has been a challenge for libraries since the development of online databases. Library systems have attempted to meet this challenge, but link resolvers and early direct linking tools often fell short of patron expectations. In the last several years, a new generation of direct linking tools has appeared, two of which will be discussed in this article: Third Iron’s LibKey Discovery and Quicklinks by Ex Libris, a Clarivate company. Figure 1 shows the “Download PDF” link added by LibKey. Figure 2 shows the “Get PDF” link provided by Quicklinks. The way we configured our discovery interface, a resource cannot receive both the LibKey and Quicklinks PDF links. These two direct linking tools were chosen because they were both relatively new to the market in April 2021 when this analysis took place and they can both be integrated into Primo VE, the library discovery system of choice at the authors’ home institutions of SUNY College of Optometry and Ferris State University. Through analysis of the frequency of direct links, link success rate, and number of clicks, this study may help determine which product is most likely to meet your patrons’ needs.
  • Library renovation: From setbacks to success.

    Wells, Elaine (Research Caucus of the Medical Library Association, 2021-02-25)
    The journey started at a 2016 meeting of the college’s Learning Resources Committee, which I chair as Library Director, A student representative casually commented that our Library looked “dated”. Not that we actually WERE dated, we have electronic resources, 24/7 remote access, printers, scanners, wireless, and a state-of-the-art Library Management System. However, through the eyes of our young student, the Library looked “like something from the 1970s.” Anyone who has lived through that decade’s will know that was not meant as a compliment. The student’s criticism prompted the Dean of Academic Affairs, who sat in on the meeting, to ask when the Library had had its last “facelift.” That was an easy one to answer - as far as I knew…never. And I’ve been here over 20 years. Just like that, a renovation was born. How hard could this be? I would query the students on what a suitable update might look like, get a budget, buy some new furniture, and go back to the business of being a librarian rather than an interior designer. Spoiler alert: not so fast.