• Giving a Red Card to Racism

      Fallon-Korb, Andrea; Nolan, Sean; Pocze, Steve; Wurtz, Brandon (2022)
      Giving a Red Card to Racism is a poster displaying the obvious racist remarks and banners that plague our everyday sporting events. The poster contains charts depicting the steady rise of racism in sports, and even displays which sports are the worst. The poster contains stories of how racism has caused sporting events to be canceled, postponed or even moved to a different location. Fans have been using banners and slurs more often to make players feel uncomfortable, yet this has no right in sports. Fans are also turning to social media and calling players awful names and many of these incidents have gone viral and ended in jail time or severe fines or other penalties. Giving a Red Card to Racism believes that creating an app on your phone and reporting racist acts or words in your nearby sections can help limit the number of acts that occur. Stadiums can work together with the app and hire extra security that can be on call for when a racist act is reported. Fans that get reported, get escorted out of the arena and pay a fine. Fans who commit multiple acts pay heavier fines and even have to complete training on racism and why what they are saying is wrong. If a fan commits too many racist acts, the arena can permanently ban them and rightfully so. This project is aimed at eliminating racism in sports and allowing players to focus on playing the game they love and performing in front of the fans that they love.