• $P4RKL3 FiLTH CLOUD NiN3 queerness of the in between: MFA Thesis - Metal  

      Bee, Sulo (2022-05)
      Remembering the smell of a particular place, the soft touch of another, the repetition of mending a broken relationship, or the painful things that have led to the present-these are the bricks I need to lay the foundation for the self-made protective place I call $P4RKLE FiLTH CLOUD NiN3. Shrouded in the protective reimagining of identity, I explore my environment searching for street treasures and imagery in plain sight. I am a hunter and gatherer of the unresolved and forgotten. Decoding my surroundings, findings and lived experiences, I reassemble them to develop a new visual language, a space for solace reflecting the queerness of the inbetween.
    • Packing universes: MFA Thesis - Sculpture

      Choi, Jung Yun (2020-05)
      Multiverse and dreams are the main themes of my work. I am usually haunted by vivid memories that feel real after dreaming. I imagined the existence of my other selves in that other universe. I borrow the eyes of my other-selves in my dreams. In other words, dreams are a channel to connect me with my other-selves. Pinecones and Bubble wraps are common around us, so people pass by them without noticing, however, these everyday objects are the entry points into hidden worlds. Like travelers through dreams, I hope that viewers will enter and explore these other universes.
    • Paddling With the Ghost of the Giver: An Expedition by Canoe Down the Mekong Delta

      Maynard, Steven; Soroka, Laurence; Smith, Matthew (2013)
      Escapism ultimately is a comfort. Accepting this truth was tied to my childhood. However, even after this I find myself still day dreaming of adventures and heroic legends. It was after reflecting on a hiking trip in the Snowdonia mountain range birth place of the King Arthur legends, these dreams were reawakened. I realized, walking among ancient ruins, dunking into the water of Lyn Agwyn and standing on Snowden's peak where King Arthur had defeated the king slayer, that true adventure transcends fiction and is built into the core of every day-dreamer. Actualization of adventure must be done by realistic means. This is the mindset of the expedition planner. The completion of my proposed expedition on the Mekong Delta will be the culmination and proof of my mastery of the expedition planner's mindset. What will follow in this proposal is an argument to prove my mastery is this field of study. This document is research into both the Cambodian and Vietnamese sections of the Dragon's Mouth expedition seen at http://www.cprexpedtion.weebly.com. This document features research about the entire route but focuses on the section of river within the Mekong Delta.
    • Pageantry to Pornography: Gazing at and Selling Female Bodies

      LeSavoy, Barbara; Wright, Kelsey (2017-05-10)
      “All women live in sexual objectification the way fish live in water.” (Catharine MacKinnon, 1989) Have you ever watched a beauty pageant contest? What about mainstream pornography? These two capitalistic industries continue to enforce the misogynistic view that the female body is to be consumed by the male population. I argue that the societal standards we commonly consider the norm affect female embodiment and what it means to be a woman in contemporary society. Beauty standards, gender roles, sexualization, objectification, and the male gaze all point towards this ideology that the female body is to be consumed by men. Pageantry and pornography only continue to enforce this ideology as the two industries flourish off the femininity of the contestants and actresses. In this paper I argue, we need to abandon these societal standards that control female bodies and behaviors in a heteropatriarchal world. I want to advocate freedom from the “male gaze” for all women.
    • Pairing and Comparing in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom

      Wade, Carol H.; Clark, Elizabeth A.; The College at Brockport (2012-10-01)
      This study was designed to examine the effects of cooperative learning in the middle school mathematics classroom. This action research project seeks to answer the question of does cooperative learning improve academic performance of middle school mathematics students. The study took place in two parallel middle school mathematics classrooms in a district of New York’s Southern Tier. There was an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group participated in a pair and compare teaching strategy following daily independent practice of the day’s lesson, as well as an open ended group task. The control group did not participate in this cooperative learning strategy and continued with teacher directed instruction. This was a quantitative action research study in which a t-test was used to analyze results of a formal assessment following two weeks of this intervention. In addition, some qualitative observations were made and have been included into the data results where they provide meaning. It was hypothesized that students in the experimental class would perform better after the use of cooperative learning. The t score indicated that although there was a difference, it was not a significant difference.
    • Palladium Catalyzed Hydrodechlorination of 4-Chloroanisole in Phosphonium Ionic Liquids

      Logan, Margaret E.; Hennig, Joseph (2016-06-24)
      Until their production was banned in 1979, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), formed as complex mixtures, were used in electrical equipment. Although they are no longer manufactured, some PCBs are still in service—albeit, in closed or semi-closed systems such as dielectric fluids for transformers and capacitors, or are still present in the environment. The continued presence of PCBs is problematic, due to their toxicity. Their hydrophobic nature and resistance towards metabolism leads to bio-accumulation up the food chain. resulting in long term effects in chronically exposed persons, like firefighters, factory workers or persons whose food have accumulated appreciable levels of PCBs. Efficient dechlorination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) has relevance in the environment, as it would reduce the toxicity of these pollutants. The chemistry described in this thesis is a model study for dechlorinating PCBs using 4- chloroanisole as a model compound. In this fundamental study, palladium-catalyzed dechlorination of chloroanisole was studied in ionic liquids (ILs), where the catalyst was expected to be more stable than in methanol, the previously used solvent. This thesis describes the hydrodechlorination efficacy and longevity of palladium catalysts with ligands 4 (2-(di-tert-butylphosphino)biphenyl) and 5 (2-(di-tertbutylphosphino)-2 ’ ,4’ ,6’ -triisopropylbiphenyl) in methanol and ILs 6 (1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide), 7a (trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium chloride), and 7b (trihexyl(tetradecyl)phosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide) (Scheme 9). Additionally, this thesis focuses on improving the logistical aspects of determining the water content in the ILs, sampling reactions to follow their progress, data reproducibility, and analysis of reaction progress, as well as the impact of water on the rate of hydrodechlorination reactions in ionic liquids. After excluding results from obviously compromised reactions, it appears that reactions in IL 7b proceed faster on average than those in IL 7a, that reactions performed with ligand 5 run faster than those with ligand 4, and that there may be a bell curve to the concentration of water vs rate of reaction, with the reaction proceeding best at intermediate water concentrations. Further experiments would be needed to confirm these results.
    • Palpable memory: MFA Thesis - Printmaking

      McBride, Julia (2021-05)
      I am focused on the concepts of fallible memory after suffering a traumatic brain injury 8 years ago. Using paper-making and printmaking, I document my own personal memories in their fragmented state on handmade paper that I make from my own recycled prints. This handmade paper is then used to create prints using a paper lithographic printmaking method. Using these prints, I create a books and components for installations. The outcome of this research is displayed in my show Palpable Memory.
    • Paper Wings

      Pinchman, Elizabeth (2016-01-01)
    • Paragraph 175

      Suphan, Jessica (2017)
      Rationale: No one wants to talk about LGBT+ history. As if we didn't exist outside the AIDS crisis and our suffering in the Holocaust is just the word "homosexual" in the list of those who were wronged, easily skipped over. This piece was inspired by those whose suffering is seen as a footnote, because they deserve to be brought back to life. Paragraph 175 refers to a longstanding provision of the German Criminal Code that outlawed homosexual acts between men. Synopsis: Our main character Aloys and his lover Otto begin the story by hiding from the SS in an alleyway. They're torn apart but reunited months later, with whispers of Allied forces amongst homosexual-specific horrors. As expectations mount the two dare to dream of a life together, of happiness. When the Allies attack the camp a soldier gets into the homosexual part of the camp and orders them all inside so they're not shot. But once they obey he locks them in, rescuing everyone else while leaving them all to die.
    • Parallel Lines cut by a Transversal

      Seitz, Carrie; The College at Brockport (2006-08-01)
      Students will Determine angle pair relationships when given two parallel lines cut by a transversal
    • Parent and teacher attitudes toward bilingual education.

      Morgan, Evan N. (2015)
      The amount of English language learners (ELLs) in the United States has steadily increased over the past several decades and continues to grow (Nieto, 2004; Ovando, Collier, & Combs, 2006). This increase in ELLs has driven many to contemplate how to best address the learning needs of these growing numbers of students (Slavin & Cheung, 2005). While there are currently several existing models for teaching ELLs, many researchers have promoted the effectiveness of bilingual education as a means for teaching these students (Besel, Glass, Montoya-Tannatt, & Bachelor, 1982; Lindholm-Leary, 2001; Rolstad, Mahoney & Glass, 2005). However, there is still a need for more research regarding the attitudes and beliefs of the teachers and parents of these students regarding bilingual education, particularly in areas where bilingual education is not yet offered and yet is often required via a policy change. Therefore, the goal of this study was to determine the attitudes and beliefs of parents and teachers regarding bilingual education being implemented in their school district, before a new law mandating it is enforced. The participants of this study included parents and teachers in four elementary and middle schools in a large, urban district in Western New York. A paper-based Likert-scale survey was used to collect data from teachers and parents. Results indicated that parents and teachers are generally supportive of bilingual education and its principles and that the creation of bilingual education programs is warranted in the future. This study intends to add to the existing literature and research in this area.
    • Parent and Teacher Perceptions of Students' Early Literacy Behaviors Within Various Pre-School Models.

      Simon, Barbara (State University of New York at Fredonia, 2018-08)
      Parents have many options when it comes to choosing a pre-K program for their child (full day, half day, or part time). Educators are also faced with questions from parents about which types of program are best or they find themselves with students who have varying degrees of knowledge. The goal of this research was to examine the perceptions of parents and teachers when it comes to the pre-K programs and the literacy development that they see within their child from these various pre-K programs. The major questions driving this research are What are parents' perceptions of their child's Pre-K program? How do they feel the program affects their child's literacy development? What are teachers' perceptions of the various pre-K programs? How do they feel the different program options impact students' learning of literacy? The participants completed a survey and the data was analyzed quantitatively through Google Forms and qualitatively using descriptive coding and pattern coding (Saldana, 2016). The main findings from the data were that parents found the curriculum and various activities that the children do throughout the day to be important, parents of full day children saw more literacy growth within their child, all teachers regardless of the program that they taught believed that full day would be the most beneficial, and that all children from various programs showed literacy growth.
    • Parent Involvement and Literacy Achievement: A Case Study

      Joseph-McEwen, Debra A.; Martorana, Jessica M.; The College at Brockport (2015-04-01)
      The purpose of my research is to explore, through observing students at work during literacy lessons and analyzing the responses of distributed parent, teacher and student surveys, how parent involvement affects literacy achievement. The data collected was analyzed and used to determine the impact parent involvement has on a child’s literacy achievement; and what parts of literacy are affected by parent involvement (i.e. reading, writing, fluency, comprehension…). The methods used to collect data for my research will be anecdotal notes, observations, teacher surveys, parent surveys and student interviews from three student participants over a six-week period.
    • Parent Involvement in an Urban Head Start Classroom

      Olmstead, Kathleen; Whitmire, Stephanie; The College at Brockport (2016-05-28)
      The purpose of this study is to investigate how to build a stronger connection between home and school literacy in preschool. To do this, I interviewed parents of my students to talk about the types of activities they do at home with their child. I also wanted to find out what barriers or challenges they face in being involved with their child’s education, and how I can help support them to help overcome the challenges. In doing this, I hope to create a stronger relationship with the families, and learn more about their funds of knowledge in order to bridge the gap between home and school, and build a stronger relationship with the families I serve.
    • Parent Perceptions of Authentic Assessment

      Beers, Morris J.; Schlosser, Linda; Baker, Patricia E.; Onderdonk, Tamalyn M. (1996-07-01)
      Authentic assessment allows students to comprehend what they have learned and connect it to real-world issues and challenges. Unlike testing designed to measure recall, this form of assessment requires students apply the knowledge they have acquired and create their own thoughts and ideas from this knowledge base. Exhibitions, including essays, artwork, oral presentations, and some traditional tests, are the means for authentic assessment as they allow students to demonstrate their knowledge. Given that many parents went through educational instruction without this form of assessment, it is unclear whether they understand its value. This paper sought to determine what information parents need to understand authentic assessment. Surveys completed by the parents of eighth-grade humanities students as well as by teachers were analyzed. The teacher survey determined what information about authentic assessment parents most seek out, while the parent survey determined what information lowered the parents’ level of concern. The results show that parents overwhelmingly support the eighth-grade humanities program, even if they do not fully understand authentic assessment and exhibitions. Overall, lack of knowledge and miscommunication cause most of the concerns about educational reform. Teachers can lower the parents’ level of concern by communicating the purpose behind assignments and how their child will be prepared and assessed for them. Sending home letters, face-to-face meetings, and open houses are the best methods of achieving this communication.
    • Parent Responses to Children’s Oral Reading Miscues During At-Home Reading Experiences

      Smith, Arthur; Hise, Sandra Lee; The College at Brockport (1994-08-01)
      Two hundred twenty-five miscues made by fifteen children reading to their parents were categorized according to miscue type and parent response. Results indicate a strong parental reliance upon supplying words or providing decoding instruction when their children miscue while reading orally. This is in response to a large number of miscues made by the children in sounding out a word or hesitating when approaching a word. Miscue-response pairings were also considered according to the response's emphasis on decoding or obtaining meaning from the story. One third of the 212 miscue-response pairs that could be used toward answering this question emphasized accurate decoding. The remaining two-thirds emphasized obtaining meaning from the text. Several factors could have biased these results, including lack of training by parents in the strategies of teaching reading.
    • Parent-Child Attachment after International Adoption

      Kolbe, Athena; Whalen, Shelby; The College at Brockport (2017-05-09)
      Approximately 19,000 international adoptions by American families take place each year. This means that there are about 19,000 new children and their families in need of services to help them adjust to a new life every year. This study was interested in understanding the attachment issues experienced by families after an international adoption and to explore how social work and other interventions or services could improve attachment. Participants were asked to complete an online survey which contained questions about their adoptive child’s behavior and the type of services the family had or wished they had received while they were in the process of adopting or after the adoption was completed. The question that the participants were asked about their children’s behavior. Through the questioning of the family functioning, and child functioning it was found that most families that participated in the survey were high functioning families, while most of the children (49) were in need of mental health services. It was found that the services the families most wished they had received was therapy for themselves as a family, and for their adopted child. There is still a lot to look at, like how to get families services that are effective, and how to ensure that internationally adopted children are able to form secure bonds.
    • Parent-Child Sexual Health Communication: A Literary Analysis of Interventions Within the Past Ten Years ?

      Wade, Marcus J. (2019-07-01)
      Adolescent African American and Latino children are increasingly engaging in risky sexual behaviors, resulting in higher rates of teenage pregnancy and STI diagnoses. An analysis of 14 current interventions have found that effective communication between caregivers and their adolescent children can successfully increase health communication amongst family members, thus decreasing sexually risky behaviors. Research has, however, found parent reluctance toward initiation of communication and unwillingness to have prolonged conversations about sexuality and sustained contraception use. Prospectively, there is a requisite for theory-based intervention that focuses on creating open communication on sexuality, to lower rates of risky behavior among adolescences.
    • Parental autonomy support and transformational leadership in student resident assistants

      Halligan, Samuel (2020-05)
      This study investigated the association between parental autonomy support and transformational leadership in resident assistants at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Resident assistants (n= 35) were asked a series of questions about their leadership style, personality, and parents. Results indicated that there was no relationship between parental autonomy support and transformational leadership for resident assistants, but that there were relationships between father involvement and transactional leadership, and openness to new experiences and transformational leadership.