• Can General Education' Teachers and Inclusive Teachers Collaborate and Teach Effectively For the Services of Their Students With Disabilities?

      Rae, Shanna Delores; The College at Brockport (2004-05-15)
      This paper describes a study conducted in a suburban school district. A focus group session was established and consisted of four participants. Two participants are certified special education teachers; the other two participants are certified general education teachers. The researcher and one observer conducted the research. During the focus group session, the four educators discussed five questions amongst each other. The researcher asked the questions and wrote down the responses. The observer wrote down the responses as well to ensure accurate analysis of the responses. The research questions focused on collaboration efforts between general and special education teachers, and how collaboration is necessary in order for students with disabilities to be successful academically and socially. The purpose of this study was to provide the general feelings of general and special education teachers regarding collaboration. The results of the study found that both general and special education teachers see a need for positive collaboration. The themes that emerged throughout the focus group session was the need for planning time, the need for common goals and for all teachers to be able to choose their own model of collaboration. This study is important because it helps teachers identify some issues with collaboration and the effect that poor collaboration may have on the academic and social success of students with disabilities.