• Shui

      Ma, Jingdi (2019-05)
      Shui is the Pinyin form of the Chinese word for water. This thesis centers itself around the complexities of how water is connotative to the emotional state of human nature. In the forms of a fifteen minute compilation of videos and a book, water shows its transformative essence and can relate to the point of evolution in identity. The usage of a Chinese word mirrors the identity of the maker. The series of videos are manipulating the elements of water, ink, oil and light to bring the viewer into a false-reality. The work intends for all focus to be on sound and imagery. At the same time, dissociation from the present surroundings occurs. The editing of time relates to the feeling of being underwater discarding time. The display of the nature of water can be seen as being both soothing and deteriorating. The overall experience envelops the viewer to consume and to reflect. The book is a personal account for both how the videos came to be conceived, as well as the thoughts that have come after the process of filming. The stillness juxtaposes the movement of visuals in the videos to present a dilemma of whether to pause or to continue onward.