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  • Imagining Justice: Artists Working for Social Change

    Perron, Wendy (SUNY Empire State University, 2001-07)
  • "The Plantation is Everywhere": African American Solidarity with Haitian Refugees, 1978-1995

    Edwards, Naiya (2024-03-27)
    From 1978 to 1995, tens of thousands of Haitians fled to the United States to escape the brutal dictatorships of François and Jean-Claude Duvalier, and the violence that ensued after the overthrow of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Hoping for safety and refuge, most Haitian refugees were instead punished and barred from receiving asylum and entrance by the American government. Many African Americans critiqued the mistreatment of the Haitian refugees as anti-Black and demonstrated solidarity in an array of ways. Drawing from a series of Black newspapers from this era, I present this history of solidarity, arguing that African Americans were motivated to stand with the thousands of Black Haitians because of their own dealings with anti-Blackness in the United States.
  • The impact of corporate characteristics on climate governance disclosure

    Dilling, Petra F. A.; Harris, Peter; Caykoylu, Sinan (Sustainability, 2024-02-27)
    This study examines the impact of corporate characteristics on climate change governance among 100 of the world’s largest companies, with 1400 observations in the fiscal year 2020. We consider variables such as company location, size, profitability, female board representation, years of reporting using Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) guidelines, the inclusion of UN Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) information, Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) membership, MSCI ESG ratings, and the presence of a climate transition plan, a sustainability executive, and a sustainability board committee. Applying a multi-theoretical framework, we employ correlation analysis and univariate and multiple linear regressions to assess the relationships. Our findings reveal positive correlations between climate governance and the presence of a climate transition plan, MSCI ratings, DJSI membership, and the existence of a sustainability executive. Additionally, companies located in developed countries exhibit significantly higher levels of climate change governance. These results hold across various scenarios, offering valuable insights for researchers, academics, business leaders, practitioners, and regulators. With the growing importance of climate change reporting, understanding the key contributing factors for effective climate governance is crucial for organizations seeking to address this critical issue.
  • Una Antígona para tiempos de supervivencia: lo heroico y lo sucio en Antígona del dramaturgo cubano Yerandy Fleites

    Rojo, Roseli (University of Kansas Libraries, 2023-05-01)
    This essay analyzes Antígona (2008) by Yerandy Fleites to show how the author tackles the current Cuban political situation by rewriting the Sophoclean tragedy. Fleites adjusts the Greek myth to the Cuban context by means of parody and an intertextual dialogue with both Jean Anouilh’s Antígona (1944) and Peruvian poet José Watanabe’s Antígona (2000). The study then unpacks the idea of dirtiness and Fleites’ depiction of the female heroine to demonstrate how the dramatist proposes hybris as the main psychological driver behind the Cuban Antigone (and that, to an extent, of the generation she represents) to suggest possible avenues for sociopolitical change. At the same time, this study considers the interpretations of Fleites’ Antígona that Cuban directors Pedro Franco and Julio César Ramírez respectively brought to the stage in 2013 and 2020. Ramírez’s reading in particular provides an understanding of Antígona in the context of the protests that occurred on November 27, 2020, when intellectuals, writers, and artists demanded that the Cuban Ministry of Culture recognize their rights and their freedom as citizens.
  • The Role of Hyperarousal in PTSD

    Smaka, Lindsey (2024-01-01)
    Hyperarousal is a symptom cluster of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This work examines hyperarousal symptoms through a physiological lens and underscores the utility of this viewpoint in informing treatment and conceptualization of PTSD.
  • Benthic Macroinvertebrate communities of Southwestern Lake Ontario Following Invasion of Dreissens

    Haynes, James M.; Stewart, Timothy W. (International Association of Great Lakes Research, 1994)
    Changes in benthic macroinvertebrate communities inhabiting natural cobble and artificial reef substrates in southwestern Lake Ontario were quantified before and after the invasion of dreissenid mussels in the late 1980s. Dreissenids comprised 79% and 93% of the cobble and reef communities in 1991-1992 (post-invasion) and replaced the amphipod, Gammarus fasciatus, which was the most abundant species at both habitats in 1983 (pre-invasion). Total abundance of non-Dreissena species was significantly greater in 1991-1992 than in 1983. Comparisons of macroinvertebrate community similarity in 1983 and 1991-1992 indicated that previously established taxa did not change substantially between sampling periods, but their proportions in the community did. Although many factors may have contributed to the changes we observed, our results support theories that Dreissena is facilitating energy transfer to the benthos by pseudofecal/ fecal deposition and that mussel colonies are providing additional habitat for other invertebrate taxa.
  • . Benthic macroinvertebrate communities in southwestern Lake Ontario following invasion of Dreissena and Echinogammarus: 1983-2000.

    Haynes, James M.; Tisch, Nancy A.; Mayer, Christine M.; Rhyne, Randall S. (Journal of the North American Benthologic Society, 2005)
    Benthic macroinvertebrate communities were quantified at natural cobble and artificial reef sites in Lake Ontario in 1983 (7 y pre-Dreissena invasion) and in 1991-1992 and 1999-2000 (1-2 and 9-10 y post-Dreissena invasion, respectively). Overall, the natural cobble community had higher species diversity and community abundance than the artificial reef community. While taxonomic composition of both communities remained consistent during the study period, organism abundance (excluding Dreissena) increased sharply from 1983 to 1991-1992, and that all taxa declined to 1983 levels by 1999-2000. From 1991-1992 to 1999-2000, Dreissena bugensis, which mostly replaced D. polymorpha, and Echinogammarus ischnus (all invasive species) appeared in the studied community. We conclude that the transition from D. polymorpha to D. bugensis and processes associated with the ongoing oligotrophication of Lake Ontario are responsible for the reduced density of large-bodied Dreissena in the nearshore region of the lake, and that changes in the Dreissena population are largely responsible for changes in the non-Dreissena benthic macroinvertebrate community.
  • Survey of Buttonwood Creek, Monroe County, NY to Determine Habitat Availability for and Relative Abundance of a Species of Special Concern, the Pirate Perch (Aphredoderus sayanus)

    Haynes, James M. (SUNY Brockport Department of Biological Sciences, 1994-06-02)
    We determined how much suitable habitat for Pirate Perch remains in Buttonwood Creek, sampled those habitats to determine where the species still exists in the creek, and predicted the likely impact of a bridge replacement and associated channel alterations on the Pirate Perch population
  • Preliminary Survey of Fish Communities in Three Tributaries of the Braddock Bay Watershed.

    Haynes, James M. (SUNY Brockport, Department of Biological Sciences, 1987-11)
    SUNY Brockport collaborated with Monroe County, New York to assess fish communities in three tributaries of Braddock Bay with different development histories: Northrup Creek, Larkin Creek and Buttonwood Creek.
  • Navigating and Hybridizing Interpretive Claim-Making Across Discursive Communities

    Jones, Karis; Storm, Scott; Beck, Sarah W. (Taylor & Francis, 2024-02)
    In order to better understand how the full range of students’ semiotic resources may be marshalled for learning, we analyze the role of interpretive claim-making across fandom and disciplinary communities. Using a framework of syncretic literacies with a focus on navigation, we analyze data from a series of writing conferences in a U.S.-based, fandoms-themed English course serving diverse high school students. Our analysis attends to shifts in convergent and divergent intersubjectivity to trace students’ navigation of interpretive practices as they talked with their peers and their instructor. Discursive claims emerged as an important tool functioning differently across these interactions. Specifically, the claim-making practices of one focal student demonstrate an emerging understanding of the distinctly different functions that claims serve as tools for navigating between, and hybridizing, discursive communities. Our findings highlight the importance of using discourse to analyze the presence of multiple or conflicting discursive practices, and designing learning environments in ways that support students’ use of hybrid discursive tools.
  • Building Global Relationships: OER and Collaborative Online International Learning Courses

    Orzech, Mary Jo; Zhang, Jie; Kegler, Jennifer; Pearlman (University of Rochester), Ann; Greenfield (Syracuse University), Victoria (Sage Journals, 2023)
    Using Open Educational Resources (OER) in Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses provides students and faculty the opportunity to share content, enhance knowledge, and develop intercultural competence across geopolitical and other boundaries. Faculty perceptions at the research site regarding benefits and challenges of using OER are consistent with positive findings of other OER research that validate its potential. This case study describes experiences of two college courses taught with different international partners. It shares the journey of co-planning, implementing, and revising assignments highlighting OER instructional materials. Technology and accessibility considerations influence the curricular decisions for each course. They demonstrate how the timely availability of relevant OER content can be particularly impactful for international learning environments like COIL. The article underscores the faculty-librarian-instructional designer collaboration throughout the project and offers suggestions for future study.
  • Creating a Local Government Manager Position in New York: A Summary of Four Case Profiles

    Hattery, Michael; Watt, Celia (SUNY Brockport, Department of Public Administration, 2022)
    This policy brief summarizes the efforts of four communities in New York that took initiative to consider change in the administration of their local government. In particular they assessed the changes needed to create the position of a central manager or administrator for their communities. These local initiatives were reviewed and summarized in 2020-22 by the Public Management Program (PMP), Department of Public Administration, SUNY Brockport.
  • Creating a Manager/Administrator Position in New York State: Legal Considerations

    Hattery, Michael; Watt, Celia (SUNY Brockport. Department of Public Administration, 2024)
    This policy brief provides a summary of the options available in New York state law for cities, towns, and villages to create the position of manager or administrator. As might be expected, there are common features and variations across the three municipal types in the state.1 This brief on legal considerations is a supplement to recent work summarizing the efforts of four communities in New York that more recently took initiative to consider change in the administration of their local government. In particular they assessed the changes needed to create the position of a central manager or administrator for their communities. These local initiatives were reviewed and summarized in 2020-22 by the Public Management Program (PMP), Department of Public Administration, SUNY Brockport. Reference to the four cases and an overall summary are provided at the end of this policy brief.
  • Tobacco/Vaping Unit Plan Sketch

    Kenneally, Madeline (SUNY Brockport Department of Public Health and Health Education, 2023)
  • The DECIDE model: A guide to better health related decision making

    Fasce, Chris (SUNY Brockport, Department of Education and Human Development, 2023)
    This publication has been checked against freely available accessibility tools and deemed accessible. Should you have a problem accessing it, please email for assistance.
  • Sex Education: A Plan for Students and Teachers to Stay Informed

    Dorval, Richard E. (SUNY Brockport, Department of Public Health and Health Administration, 2023)
  • Guide Students to Learn and Experience Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Cunningham, Courtney (Department of Public Health and Health Education, 2023)
  • The Effects That Sport Specialization has on Youth Athletes

    Spulnick, Michael S (SUNY Brockport, Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education, 2023-12-28)
    Youth sport specialization is becoming more popular than ever. Many athletes, parents and coaches think that sport specialization is the best way to reach elite level status in a sport. However, athletes, parents and coaches don’t know all of the positive and negative effects of specialization in a sport. Whereas, sport specialization may help you gain skill development, it is also correlated with higher chances of overuse injuries, psychological stress, and burnout. The purpose of this study is to review the literature and investigate the effects of sport specialization on youth athletes. It was determined that specializing in a sport can allow an athlete to attain a higher level of performance. It was also determined that overuse injuries are the biggest disadvantage when specializing in a sport. Finally, it was determined that younger athletes are at more psychological and physical risk than older athletes.
  •   Reflecting on the Residual: Toni Morrison, Race, Gender, and Strategic Essentialism

    LEVENE, Shakeisha (2019)
    My senior project focuses on Toni Morrison and one of her most contemporary books,Tar Baby (1981 ). I seek to show that in these novels, in her interviews, and nonfiction work Morrison disseminates dominant gender ideology. It is especially important to investigate her beliefs and how they come through her literature because Morrison is seen as a beacon of freedom, and readers, especially black female readers, are especially sensitive to absorbing residual notions of gender and sometimes race from Morrison's structure of feeling. Morrison says that she wants her characters, her readers, and herself to be free, but her views of "freedom" in racial relations simultaneously reproduce oppression in gender relations. Morrison's work shows that she still believes that women, especially black women, should conform to traditional gender roles. These roles seem natural to her, but they are not natural, only cultural and as such are assigned by the dominant of our culture and work to their benefit. She suggests that black women just have to try to grow as "free" individuals while also caring for and being responsible for everyone else in their lives in virtually every way possible. Morrison thinks that when she voices these ideas she is speaking from an individual sense of what is right, and that accepting these responsibilities is an essential part of woman's life. However, she does not realize how she has been conditioned by Ideological State Apparatuses to hold these values. My work will show how Jadine (Tar Baby) is affected by these values, and how black women in the contemporary moment are affected by them. As well as I will search for a politically useful way to read these novels, that does not leave readers vulnerable to Morrison's residual dominant beliefs            ReplyForward                    

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