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  • Students experiences of navigating college with a disability

    Pullar, Jessica (2023-09)
    The purpose of this study was to conduct an exploratory analysis of the experiences of students with disabilities in college. Participants (N=26) were SUNY New Paltz students aged 18-54, who identified as having a disability. A series of semi-structured interviews were conducted on Zoom, in person, and through an online typed version of the questionnaire. The Postsecondary Student Survey of Disability-Related Stigma (SSDRS) was completed online before completing the interview. To gain a better understanding of what it is like to be a student with a disability attending a post-secondary institute, participants were asked to talk about their experiences. Additionally, participants were asked different questions based on whether they were registered with the Disability Resource Center. Three themes were identified as the most prominent: the importance of accessibility, accommodations (the good and the bad); and the struggle with faculty to receive accommodations. Overall, participants felt a lack of accessibility on campus and had issues acquiring accommodations. Participants also noted that there seemed to be some stigma on campus. Participants were overwhelmingly interested in a self-advocacy class. Findings were discussed in light of recent scholarship.
  • Framing Futures: Uniting Freshman English Class with Library Archives for Campus Connection and Transformation

    Dunne, Sophia (2023)
    Freshmen enrolled in Dr. Doughty's English Composition class had the opportunity throughout the semester to conduct their research and compile their bibliographies in the Alden Room, which serves as the home to Milne Library's Special Collection and Archives. To guide their research, students were presented with a selection of special topics to choose from, including student teaching observations, Greek life and history, and college camp. However, they were also encouraged to explore their own areas of interest if they could establish a meaningful connection to SUNY Oneonta. With the freedom to pursue topics that genuinely intrigued them and were relevant to the campus community, students fostered connections with others across the campus. They not only made these connections but also felt a sense of involvement in effecting positive change within their own campus.
  • Thompson Research

    Hantz, Susan; Kohler, Louise; Loizzo, Josephine, A. (1979-05)
  • The Intersection of Monty Python and Kantian Theory: A Digression

    Livan, Mela (SUNY Brockport, 2022-08)
    s the part of the paper in which we should provide a brief synopsis of the entirety, that is the whole and complete, reason for and information contained within the paper so that a person could quickly decide whether it was worth wasting any of their valuable time (that is, time during which they would be scrolling social media, swiping left or right, or engaging in highly ritualistic slaughter fests of the online hyper-realistic variety).
  • Computer Programming: A Brief History

    Mckay, Samuel (2018)
    The idea of the modern computer can be traced back to the work of Alan Turing, a mathematician from England. Turing wrote a paper published in 1937 which utilized theoretical “universal computing machines” to solve computational problems. These machines are now known as Turing Machines. Subsequently, programmable models of computation were created by inventor Konrad Zuse in the 1940s. In the 1950s, the IBM Corporation had created a model called the IBM 704. These early models of computers had to be programmed using machine instructions and assembly language. Breakthroughs in programming began with the language of FORTRAN in 1953, and shortly thereafter with iterations of ALGOL, COBOL and LISP. Over time, computers got smaller and faster, and programming languages got more efficient and effective at being useful tools for the creation of programs, by analyzing and synthesizing properties of prior languages. This essay examines a history of programming languages beginning with FORTRAN and advancing all the way to Rust.
  • Subliminal Advertising & Semiotic Marketing; Selling The Sole  

    Rivera, Ryan (2018)
    In this study, I will explore how Sneaker culture came to be and how the marketing of sneakers to the youth became both a fun lifestyle which in the beginning embraced community and promoted individualism to a problematic hobby that has claimed a number of lives and boasts wealth to the have-nots. By learning the history and current advertising of sneakers we can get a glimpse into what the average sneaker consumer and enthusiast may be thinking and feeling regarding what some may deem as a way of life.
  • #FoodPorn

    Everette, Amirah (2018)
    My original analysis consisted of examining social media’s implications of food and its subcultures. Although the intention was to discuss food subcultures and how food porn became a viral trend, after analyzing the research, my results were unexpectedly different. Food porn is not only a trend but a result of the implication of advertisement and how these images stimulate other commodities than just persuasion. Advertisement and marketing companies have helped build recipes for how food should be portrayed. Users on social media platforms like Instagram have used sugar, spice, and everything nice to create an updated recipe for essential food promotion with a pornographic twist. While this seems absurd, viewers have been caught in the gaze unknowingly due to the discreet obscene promotion. This analysis has helped me view the trend of food porn in a unique way that I did not reckon before. Rather than originally focusing on the act of food porn I have honed in on a perspective of how the images have impacted the media and users of the media.  
  • Volunteerism in the Performing Arts Today and Looking to the Future

    Silverman, Sabrina (2018)
    The nonprofit sector and more specifically the performing arts have been utilizing volunteer labor to compensate for lack of funding over the years. Research shows that performing arts volunteers share the same demographics and psychographics of their audience members. By understanding the variables that keep audience members and the general public from donating their time to the arts, arts managers can pursue different avenues to expand recruitment. The performing arts are highly dependent on social networks and word of mouth to gain recruits. This dependence requires arts managers to facilitate an environment that produces positive experiences and volunteer benefits. Each performing arts organization must take into consideration their individual needs, size, number of employees and budget to maximize the possibilities made available through a volunteer program. There are both field-wide and individual challenges facing companies that engage volunteers. Scholarly articles project the field-wide challenge of aging volunteers as the Baby Boomers begin to slow their volunteering and Millennial volunteer rates are currently slower than previous generations. The key for arts managers success is to use volunteers to improve cost efficiency of labor, to recruit volunteers that expand demographics and empower volunteers to help grow your audience.
  • Remembering and Uncovering Spiritual Medicinal Tattoos

    BARROW, Vivian (2018)
    Abstract: How do cultures outside of the United States use tattoos for therapeutic medicinal purposes? How can we preserve these important traditions?  This paper explores how cultures in South America, Southeast Asia, Greenland, Canada, The Great Lakes, and Alaska use tattoos for medicinal purposes and how these traditional, magical and spiritual tattoos are beneficial and need to be explored. Different cultural laws prohibit the practice of tattoos and cultural shifts suppress the growth and knowledge of medicinal tattoos. For thousands of years, people around the world have practiced tattooing because of its perceived effectiveness as a medicinal therapy. Specific body locations, such as the neck, spine, ankle, and knee joints, are where preventive, curative, and spiritualistic tattoo medicine were practiced. Since many of the practitioners have died, this cultural heritage is slowly becoming extinct. With the revival of medicinal tattoos, these tattoos can potentially be used internationally to heal people, would be widely known across the world, and accessible. Examining the paleopathological record of tattooed mummies and looking at the technical use of medicinal tattoos by indigenous tribes, like skin-stitching, guardian tattoos, and joint-tattooing (similar to acupuncture). These tattoos are meant to guide and protect human counterparts, to cleanse the body, and to heal arthritic ailments. The studied data is analyzed and discussed in terms of qualitative research through academic journals, articles, newspaper and the use of visual images, in order to understand the methods and purpose of these medicinal tattoos and to preserve the history of magical, spiritual, and medicinal tattoos.   Keywords: Traditional tattoos, Tattoos, Iceman, Ötzi, Medicinal tattoos, Culture, Anthropology, Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, Nigeria, Therapeutic tattoos, Joint-tattooing, Skin-stitching, Guardian tattoos   
  • Conventional and Alternative Health Care: The Future of Medicine       Gina Duncan           Capstone Project Professor Michael Gaber

    Duncan, Gina (2018)
      Abstract               This research paper argues for the complementary use of alternative therapies in the conventional medical community. While scientific research and study on most alternative medicines are fairly new, results are showing they may help ease physical and emotional illness. When combined with standard medical care, alternative medicine may offer a more integrated approach to healing. Alongside peer-reviewed sources, I offer up my own personal experience to argue for the inclusion of alternative medicine.    
  • Impacts on Mammal Biodiversity on Purchase College Campus

    Benson, Melanie (2018)
    Purchase College is a campus that prides itself with its access to wilderness. Wildlife seems to be abundant in the area from afar, but with the increase in construction on campus, it is evident that there is habitat loss and, eventually, loss of mammal biodiversity. Through this study, it was found that Purchase College campus is already lacking in mammal biodiversity, since deer were predominantly found at the study sites. The construction of the Broadview Senior Living Center will only further worsen the lack of mammal biodiversity on campus.
  • Patient Advocacy & Kidney Donation Matthew Brown

    Brown, Matthew (2018)
    Abstract: To fulfill my Purchase College senior capstone, I created a short video describing how my father lives with chronic kidney disease.  He partakes in dialysis multiple times a week and is looking for a kidney transplant.  His story is no different from the thousands of people who seek the same treatment.  I decided to research and understand how nurses treat their patients and how it affects end stage renal disease patients.  Some may be hesitant like my father to receive a kidney but further research shows the benefits to informing patients who need a kidney.  African-Americans in particular receive the lease amount of kidney transplants because of the lack of information provided to them.  However, with a change of attitudes from nurses and more accessible information given to ESRD patients, there could be more successful transplants in the future.
  • The Transition to Adulthood for Children With Special Needs:   Examining If the Needs, Programs and Services Available to Special Needs Children As They Transition Into Adulthood Are Sufficient to Meet Their Needs.  

    Jacobs, Zachary (2018)
    Abstract To fulfill the Purchase College Senior Capstone Project, this paper is a supplement to my live   video interviews.   I describe my job as a Direct Support Professional, and the interest I took in   how the individuals I  worked with grew up and how their needs were going to be met in the   future.   I discuss my personal experience working with this population, and how it has affected   me personally.   I discuss my concerns for their being high quality programs  and services along   with the funding  to meet the demanding and expensive needs of these individuals. I discuss my   deep concern for the future and safety of these special people as they age and might not have   parents to advocate for them.  
  • Khrushchyovka  

    Chernyak, Tanya (2018)
    A publication in reaction to Russian-American fashion/politics, DIY, and SUNY Purchase
  • Consequence of Individual Differences in Mental Imagery Ability

    Mohiuddin, Nawaal (2018)
    Previous work has suggested that individuals differ in mental imagery ability and the way in which they recruit and routinely engage in cognitive tasks that require mental imagery. The present study investigates what the consequences of these individual differences are.  Specifically, we examined whether training individuals to engage in visual motion mental imagery may have effects in other cognitive tasks such as the comprehension of linguistic descriptions of motion. To test this, we utilized the motion aftereffect illusion to gain an implicit measure of visual motion imagery ability before and after two different training conditions (imagery training where people either did or did not have to attend to motion-related information). We also measured the motion aftereffect from language following training. To measure language comprehension, participants were given a surprise memory test for the stories that they heard in the linguistic aftereffect task. Participants showed a priming effect from language comprehension rather than an aftereffect. There did not appear to be a relationship between the size of the motion aftereffect from language and language comprehension in this sample. This research helps us to better understand the relationship between mental imagery and language comprehension.
  • Battle of the Titans: The effects of AEG Live and Live Nation monopolizing the music festival industry.

    Soffer, Michael (2018)
    The supremacy battle between Live Nation and AEG Live has had a far reaching impact on the music festival industry, fans, music festivals, and artists. In the last decade, the music festival industry has experienced unprecedented levels of industry consolidation. The two companies have been acquiring music festivals at an extraordinary rate. By acquiring every potential rival music festival, Live Nation and AEG Live seek to become the same as the industry they serve. The acquisition of music festivals is beginning to create homogeneity in the industry. Already, fans are getting the same lineup of artists in different venues because of the rivalry between the two largest companies. The rivalry between the two companies continues to suppress competition in the industry.  Independent music promoters are finding it more difficult to book and promote live events. Both companies have also focused on vertical integration in order to enhance their market position in the industry.  There is no doubt that Live Nation and AEG Live have become the gatekeepers of the music festival industry. Artists cannot perform in the large music festivals without dealing with either of the two companies, either directly or through their many subsidiaries.
  • Our Criminal Justice System And The Results

    Lynch, Kevin (2018)
    This study will cover as in depth analysis of previous published literature regarding our penal system, our correctional system, and the affects of our criminal justice system abroad. It will encompass the reentry programs available and there results. Included are different types of programs that are offered to individuals released from incarceration and a description of each program along with statistical showing of the rates of success and failure. I chose to define failure as someone who has violated parole and remanded to incarceration, or has committed a new offence and incarcerated again. It was necessary to find out what the eligibility requirements were to be referred to and take part in each reentry program were. Eligibility factors could include physical and mental health, weather or not being on parole supervision was required, as well as determining who decides whether or not an individual is permitted to or required to participate. I will study past cases and there findings, and analyze the data. I hope to come to a conclusion based on analysis of previous studies and what flaus in the system that may cause an individual to be incarcerated and end up back in jail or prison.
  • Martin Scorsese’s Outsiders, Misfits and Antiheroes

    Maniscalchi, Leonardo (2018)
    My senior project will study the aesthetics the antihero character in cinema with a focus on how the director Martin Scorsese handles these characters in his films and relates them to feelings in his personal views.
  • How can Independent Female Blues Rock Artists Succeed in a Male-Dominated Genre within the Contemporary (2010-2018) Music Scene?

    Kerzhnerman, Rebekah (2018)
    As the music scene continues to flourish with talent, creativity and skill, it is alarming to witness the lack of female artistry and representation within our evolving music business, despite pro-female activism and powerful feminist movements. With the existence of such limitations on females within our current society, it is often difficult for such females to experience success on a grandiose level within the music business, whether it be on the stage or behind the scenes of production. To fully understand the significance of gender in music on a deeper level, I will take matters into my own hands, as an independent female Blues-Rock artist trying to become an emerging artist within the current, 2018, music scene of New York City. I aim to write, record and produce a collection of my own music, and document my experience, observations and data analysis within the process of releasing my Album/Extended Play (EP), a short album with 4-6 songs previewing a full-album work. I will further converse with other female musicians in the industry as well as the talent buyers directly, who decide on who will emerge on stage and receive recognition as the next successful artists in the field.  By completing this EP and testing my personally developed marketing plan, I hope to hold a better understanding of female representation in the music scene and its effect on such female artists to launch their careers.    
  • Dancing Through Life: An Autoethnographic Collection of Experiences and Perspectives in the Commercial, Experimental and Street Dance Spaces

    Byrne, Caitlin (2018)
    This project is about dance. I have research and participated in the culture of commercial, street, and theatrical styles for most of my college years. I thought it would only be fitting to do an autoethnography where I focus on the spaces I have been a part of, the people I have met and been inspired by, and the cathartic, spiritual experiences that dancing has brought me. I use cultural dance theory perspectives from Judith Hanna and feminist theory from Judith Butler to analyze my personal experiences, while also using these texts to analyze pop culture and its influence. I also have compiled a video project of my training process in public and private spheres, giving you a little taste of what life is like when your life is expressed through the wonderful and powerful art of dancing.   Link to Video:

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