• Climbing Expedition: The Wind River Range and Grand Teton National Park

      Henley, Casey; Soroka, Laurence; Madia, Keith (2012)
      This is a proposal for a rock climbing expedition in the Wind River Mountains and Grand Teton National Park. The Wind River Range is located south of the Tetons in Wyoming. Although these two areas are geographically close in proximity, they offer different climbing culture and experiences. Based on my research, Grand Teton National Park is a smaller mountain range than the Wind River Mountains although it seems to attract a larger amount of visitors. The Tetons are only a short drive from the popular city of Jackson, WY. On the other hand, the Wind River Mountains are large and spread out. It takes a long day hike to get to the Cirque of the Towers, one of the more popular climbing areas in the range, which is the area of the Wind River Range that this proposal is based on. This paper represents the research and thought that has gone into planning an expedition in the two proposed locations. I used a variety of sources, which include credible websites, guidebooks, encyclopedias, and conversations with outdoor professionals. It also represents my own knowledge and processes of planning a climbing expedition. This means that my proposal will demonstrate the step-by-step process of planning a climbing expedition that I've learned through the Expeditionary Studies Program. The main points this proposal will relay are my own goals and reasons for this expedition, the science and history of the areas, technical attributes of a climbing expedition, risk and emergency management, and the itinerary for the expedition. In return, this proposal will validate me and my partner's ability to carry out an expedition in the Teton and Wind River Range. This expedition is the capstone to the Expeditionary Studies Program, which is required for graduation.