• Backcountry Skiing in Alaska's White Pass

      Henley, Casey; Soroka, Larry; Stewart, Charlie (2013)
    • Into the West: A Journey to Big Sky Country for Ski Mountaineering

      Henley, Casey; Soroka, Larry; Makowicki, Chris (2013)
      The Madison range is nestled in the south west corner of Montana right between Yellowstone and Bozeman. Surrounding southwest Montana are the Bridger, Madison, Hyalite, Greater Gallatins, Absaroka and Beartooth range. This unsupported expedition will take place over a 14 day period. My team which includes Bobby O'Connor and Dan Nesel picked the Madison range for its amount of snow; in the northern range the mountains annually get 300 to 400 inches while the southern range gets 400 to 500 inches. This range I think is our best option not only because of snow but also because it is known for its low traffic of skiers, good spring skiing, some technical routes and some easy approaches. It holds the opportunity for us as expeditionary leaders to put our skills to practice, finding out what works and what doesn't. What follows is sample of peaks that we would like to mountaineer/ski mountaineer. These areas have little to no restrictions regarding permits for skinning and skiing which make it easier to camp in the backcountry. Following the end of the spring semester my team will be driving out to Montana which we plan on taking 4 to 5 days to get out to Bozeman. The fuel coast according to AAA (split between 3 people) for my Subaru forester will be 137 $. With gas prices fluctuating from region to region my team will throw an extra 45$ each. As far as food goes will we each allow ourselves a budget of 7$ per person per day. This 7$ budget includes the drive out and amount per day on the expedition as to not go over our purposed budget. In the event the weather does not cooperate we will follow out our contingency plan, heading further to the Pacific Northwest in the north cascades in Washington. If snow is still unsuitable we will follow out on mountaineering in or around Bozeman Montana in one of the many mountainous ranges to complete our requirements for 436 Senior Expedition.
    • Sawtooth 2013: An Expedition into the Idaho Wilderness

      Henley, Casey; Soroka, Larry; Davidson, Cedar; Mossey, Andy (2013)
      This proposal will give you a detailed understanding of my planned expedition to the Sawtooth wilderness in March of 2013. Within these pages you will find a brief history of the area, some geological background, a glimpse at the types of wildlife you would likely find in the Sawtooth, as well as my detailed trip plans. This proposal is written as partial completion of the requirements for my Senior Expedition class with SUNY Plattsburgh's Expeditionary Studies program. The structure of the proposal is modeled to simulate the level of preparation needed for a professional expedition proposal. It includes a risk management plan, emergency protocols, detailed meal plan, and equipment list satisfactory for a multi-week ski mountaineering expedition. This proposal also includes a system of assessing risk and making decisions which I outline in the section titled: Go/No Go Standards. You will also find an analysis of the Sawtooth snowpack up to the date on the cover of this proposal as well as an essay on leadership in the outdoor industry and a section for my personal and professional goals. Additional information includes a budget, a training and conditioning plan, and my contingency plans.This proposal will give you an idea of the type of planning required to launch a multi-week expedition into a remote location, and maybe give you ideas for a trip of you own. Keep in mind, some of the planning procedures are specific to my experience and preference and follow guidelines put in place by the Expeditionary Studies Department.