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dc.contributor.authorBohman, Allison
dc.descriptionAllert, T. (2008). The Hitler salute: on the meaning of a gesture. New York: Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Co., 3. Ibid., 11. Fashions in Space, 276. Ibid., 281. Mary Fulbrook. “Embodying the Self: Gestures and Dictatorship in Twentieth- Century Germany.” The Politics of Gesture (2009): 263. Tillman Allert. (2008). The Hitler salute: on the meaning of a gesture. New York: Metropolitan, 13. Ibid., 24. Ibid., 31. Ibid., 47. Ibid., 46. Ibid., 43. Ibid., 97.
dc.description.abstractDancing With Hitler: Examining the Movements of the Nazi Movement and Geopolitics of Dance The physical location of the body combined with the political climate of a given culture plays critical role in shaping what kind of movement aesthetic is accepted by society. In examining the geopolitics of dance with a focus on Nazi Germany between the years 1930-1945, this presentation discusses what was happening to dance in Europe under Hitler’s control. From being utilized as a weapon of manipulation and propaganda, to dictating what art could be created, to forcing dancers to flee the artistic oppression and collaborate with Western dancers, there is no denying the sway geography and politics had in influencing modern dance. Dance has the power to control; and Hitler’s Nazi party was cunning in utilizing the strength of physical movements to literally mobilize an entire nation into falling under their oppression. Whether it was militaristic marching, or the infamous Nazi out-stretched arm, the movements implemented by this regime combined with inevitable geopolitical factors ultimately impacted dance as we know it today.
dc.subjectHeil Hitler
dc.titleDancing With Hitler: Examining the Movements of the Nazi Movement and Geopolitics of Dance
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleThe Spectrum: A Scholars Day Journal
dc.contributor.organizationThe College at Brockport

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