• A Rubric to Assess the Virtual Library

      Stamm, Kathryn; Thesis Advisor; Lizardi, Ryan; Reader; DeVito, Jennifer A. (2020-05)
      The virtual library is a digital representation of an academic library and should provide a similar level of engagement, interactivity, and research support that users find in the physical library location. A virtual academic library should be user-centered, contain multi-media, being socially engaging, and foster community. Using these elements from Library 2.0 and the characteristics of Human-Centered Design, a rubric to assess virtual academic libraries was developed. The rubric measures where the library pages are meeting the standards and the areas that need to be further developed. The libraries evaluated ranked high in most areas. Areas for enhancement include malleability and ownership. The rubric serves as a starting point for assessment but requires additional delineation in each characteristic to allow for variations in how libraries meet the criteria.