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dc.description.abstractDissenting Voices Cover Art Background Cover Design by Kalynda Culek ‘19Cover People drawn by Jenna Bygall ‘19 The journal cover portrays an artistic rendition of each author holding a sign that communicates their feminist activism. Their words rise up from their signs to frame the sun. Pause and watch closely for their cues. And listen carefully to their voices. If walking near or around this progressively-minded group, you might hear the adage, “When Pigs Fly,” the “when” in reference to what is seemingly impossible. For the authors here, that impossibility is no longer impossible. Because pigs are flying, offering us hope in the face of despair and belief that we can amend even the most broken systems of inequality (Note from the Editor). Table of Contents All Voices - Our Voices. Mackenzie April, Jenna Bygall, Jasmine Kamal-Mohamed, Christina Karapinar, Allie Knapp, Kelsie Kupiec, Angelica Whitehorne, Kayla Sorenson, p. i. - Note from the Editor (Barbara LeSavoy), p. iii. Opening Voices - The Abortion Fight: Neither Worn nor Won. Angelica Whitehorne, p. 1. - Treatment of Female Politicians and Impact on Voter Perception in the U.S. Jenna Bygall, p. 13. More Voices - Why are there No Great, Female, and Egyptian Scholars? Jasmine Mohamed, p. 27. - The Pretty Pink Box. Allie Knapp, p. 39. - Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems. Mackenzie April, p. 51. - Growing up a Witness. Kayla Sorenson, p. 65. Closing Voices - Missing from Research: Exposing the Deficit in Research and Knowledge of Endometriosis and Women’s Health. Kelsie Kupiec, p. 79. - The Comfort Women’s Activism through the Arts. Christina Karapinar, p. 93. - WMS 421 Spring 2019 Activism Photo Essay, p. 111.
dc.titleDissenting Voices Volume 8 Issue 1 (Spring 2019) Complete Issue
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleDissenting Voices

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  • Dissenting Voices
    Dissenting Voices is a student engineered eJournal collaboratively designed, authored, and published by undergraduate Women and Gender Studies majors in connection with their Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at SUNY Brockport.

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