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dc.description.abstractDissenting Voices Cover Art Design by the members of the Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport. The journal cover, a distinctive hand print of each author, captures the sense of feminist community that was present in our classroom and that spills into and gels the pages of the essays in the volume. Table of Contents All Voices - Our Voices. Joy Davidson-Davis, Gabriella Hoose, Bernie Lachman, Bailey Morse, Alise Murray, Kelsi Nau, Julia Palozzi, Melissa Szurgyi, Daphne Tucker, p. i. - Note from the Editor (Barbara LeSavoy), p. iii. Opening Voices - The Hunter vs. The Hunted. Julia Palozzi, p. 1-14. - The Outside Looking In: Examining Reasoning Behind the Choice to Report Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Melssia Szurgyi , p. 15-30. More Voices - Gender’s Impact on Majors in Higher Education: The Causes and the Consequences. Kelsi Nau, p. 31-46. - Redressing Dress Codes: The Effects of Sexualized School Dress Codes. Gabriella Hoose, p. 47-60. - LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence: The Invisible Relationship. Alise Murray, p. 61-72. - A Woman Veteran Student’s Perspective. Bernie Lachman, p. 73-94. - Freedom en el fin del Mundo: Antarctica as the Key to Renegotiating Identity-Based Power Hierarchies. Bailey Morse, p. 95-106. Closing Voices - Book Review: A Queer and Pleasant Danger: The True Story of a Nice Jewish Boy who Joins the Church of Scientology, and Leaves Twelve Years Later to Become the Lovely Lady She is Today by Kate Bornstein (2012). Daphne Tucker, p. 105-114. - Book Review: The Other Side of Paradise by Staceyann Chin (2009). Joy Davidson-Davis, p. 115-122. - WMS 421 Spring 2018 Activism Photo Essay: #MeToo, p. 123.
dc.subjectMan-Woman Relationships
dc.subjectDating Violence
dc.subjectSexual Harassment
dc.subjectSex (Psychology)
dc.subjectFeminist Theory
dc.subjectVictims Of Crimes
dc.subjectWomen – Crimes Against
dc.subjectDating Violence
dc.subjectSexual Abuse Victims
dc.subjectCollege Students
dc.subjectAcademic Achievement
dc.subjectCollege Choice
dc.subjectWomen College Students
dc.subjectWomen In Education
dc.subjectCollege Majors – Decision Making – Sex Differences
dc.subjectStereotypes (Social Psychology)
dc.subjectClothing And Dress – Political Aspects
dc.subjectSchool Dress Codes
dc.subjectStudents – Legal Status
dc.subjectHuman Body – Social Aspects
dc.subjectStudents -- Fashion
dc.subjectDomestic Partner Abuse
dc.subjectLesbian Partner Abuse
dc.subjectSexual Abuse Victims
dc.subjectVeterans – Higher Education
dc.subjectSocial Status
dc.subjectSex Role
dc.subjectWomen – Social Conditions
dc.subjectMale-To-Female Transsexuals
dc.subjectKate Bornstein
dc.subjectLesbian Author
dc.subjectRacially Mixed Children – Jamaica
dc.subjectLesbian Activist
dc.subjectStaceyann Chin
dc.titleDissenting Voices Volume 7 Issue 1 (Spring 2018) Complete Issue
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleDissenting Voices

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  • Dissenting Voices
    Dissenting Voices is a student engineered eJournal collaboratively designed, authored, and published by undergraduate Women and Gender Studies majors in connection with their Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at SUNY Brockport.

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