• A Computerized Measure of Idea Density in Two Genres of Written Language Samples

      Moser, Katie; Hungerford, Suzanne (2014)
      Idea density is a measure of ideas, or propositions, expressed relative to the number of words used in written or oral language samples. This study examines idea density in narrative and expository text generated by young adults, along with concurrent correlates of academic achievement and language ability.
    • Amenability and superharmonic functions

      Northshield, Sam (Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 1993)
      Let G be a countable group and u a symmetric and aperiodic probability measure on G . We show that G is amenable if and only if every positive superharmonic function is nearly constant on certain arbitrarily large subsets of G. We use this to show that if G is amenable, then the Martin boundary of G contains a fixed point. More generally, we show that G is amenable if and only if each member of a certain family of G-spaces contains a fixed point.
    • An Analysis of Executive Functions in Children Referred for Auditory Processing Evaluation

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Gonyo, Katharine; Brunell, Katelyn; Harrison, Jamie (2006)
      It is well known that attention deficits frequently co-occur with auditory processing disorder yet little is known about the (cognitive) executive functions (EFs) that regulate attention and self-control in children with auditory processing concerns. We present an analysis of EFs in children referred for auditory processing assessment, based on both teacher and parent report forms of a norm-referenced assessment instrument.
    • An Examination of Clinical Measurements of Verbal Working Memory

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Roberts, Katharine (2011)
      Research indicates that verbal working memory is an important predictor of oral and written language processing, social problem solving, and academic success. This study examines working memory scores derived from common clinical tools in speech-language pathology, the relationships among these variables, and their ability to predict language and related skills.
    • "And Still We Rise": Open Pedagogy and Black History at a Rural Comprehensive State College

      Beatty, Joshua F.; Hartnett, Timothy C.; Kimok, Debra; McMahon, John (2020)
      Chapter begins: In Spring 2019, students at The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh (SUNY Plattsburgh) researched, designed, and built And Still We Rise: Celebrating Plattsburgh’s (Re)Discovery of Iconic Black Visitors (ASWR), an exhibit in the Feinberg Library on prominent Black political and cultural figures who had visited the college since the 1960s. The thirteen students in African-American Political Thought (Political Science 371), taught by Dr. John McMahon, researched in the college’s archives and secondary sources to curate photos, text and multimedia for physical and virtual exhibits....
    • Assessing Outcomes with Nursing Research Assignments and Citation Analysis of Student Bibliographies

      Heller-Ross, Holly (Reference Librarian, 2003)
      What are the library and information research requirements in a typical undergraduate nursing program? Do distance-learning library services provide undergraduate nursing students with the research materials they require for their academic work? In order to determine how the broad range of reference, instruction, and access services offered by Feinberg Library at Plattsburgh State University of New York, are used by students, the author reviewed selected nursing course syllabi for research requirements and the resulting student research bibliographies as an outcome assessment. The review included 441 bibliographic citations from 78 student research papers from 1998-1999. Results indicated no significant difference between on and off-campus student bibliography citations with regards to currency, format or number of citations. Results also indicated that the reviewed undergraduate nursing research assignments were indeed designed to promote research integration into nursing practice, and that student access to information was sufficient to allow them to complete their academic assignments.
    • Associativity of the Secant Method

      Northshield, Sam (American Mathematical Monthly, 2002)
      Iterating a function like 1+1/x gives a sequence which converges to the Golden Mean but does so at a much slower rate than those sequences derived from Newton's method or the secant method. There is, however, a surprising relation between all these sequences. This relation, easily explained by the use of good notation, is generalized by means of Pascal's "Mysterium Hexagrammicum". Throughout, we make contact with many areas of mathematics and physics including abstract groups, calculus, continued fractions, differential equations, elliptic curves, Fibonacci numbers, functional equations, fundamental groups, Lie groups, matrices, Moebius transformations, pi, polynomial approximation, relativity, and resistors.
    • Cogrowth of Regular Graphs

      Northshield, Sam (Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 1992)
      Let G be a d-regular graph and T the covering tree of G. We define a cogrowth constant of G in T and express it in terms of the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on G. As a corollary, we show that the cogrowth constant is as large as possible if and only if the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on G is zero. Grigorchuk's criterion for amenability of finitely generated groups follows.
    • Complex Descartes Circle Theorem

      Northshield, Sam (American Mathematical Monthly, 2014)
      We present a short proof of Descartes Circle Theorem on the curvature-centers of four mutually tangent circles. Key to the proof is associating an octahedral configuration of spheres to four mutually tangent circles. We also prove an analogue for spheres.
    • Definition of the Situation in Live Bluegrass Music Concert Performance: Sound Engineers and Musicians

      Light, Stephen (2016-08-20)
      This paper examines definitions of the situation held by musicians and sound engineers participating in live bluegrass music concerts in a concert hall setting using sound reinforcement. Successful production of a live bluegrass music concert requires cooperation between the musicians who perform on stage and the sound mix engineer who is responsible for operation of the sound reinforcement system in the concert space. Cooperation between these key actors facilitates the creation of a shared definition of the situation that defines parameters of the roles they expect each other to play. Fundamental to the creation of an effective shared definition of the situation is communication between the musicians and sound engineer. Also basic to situational definitions are musicians' and sound engineers' background assumptions, including whether the sound engineer is primarily a support person or whether he or she makes use of expert knowledge before and during the show and thus takes on the role of creative artist. To examine these interactional processes the author administered a 51-question interview instrument consisting of closed-ended and open-ended questions to a sample of 28 bluegrass musicians and sound engineers in 2015 and 2016. Results of the interviews are analyzed and illustrative excerpts from the respondents comments are highlighted. The author discusses implications of these preliminary findings for interactional processes in a live performance setting.
    • Developing Scientific Womanpower: Gender and the Cold War-Era Science Fair

      Adams, Ellen E.; Beatty, Joshua F. (2014-05-24)
      This paper examines the intersection of gender and science in the U.S. during the Cold War by looking at girls' participation in science fairs. Official rhetoric encouraged both boys and girls to develop their skills in science and technology in the interest of national security, and in the years after World War II science fairs became popular vehicles for the display and promotion of science. Although boys participated in larger numbers than girls, young women were visible participants in science fairs, both at the local level and in national competitions such as the Westinghouse Science Talent Search (established in 1942) and the National Science Fair (begun in 1950).
    • Digital Commons as a Tool for Outreach

      Beatty, Joshua F. (2013)
      This presentation describes SUNY Plattsburgh’s use of Digital Commons to increase outreach to faculty and students. I explain the origins of this approach, discuss how librarians work with faculty to co-administer series, provide examples of this collaboration, and, finally, examine a particular setback that sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the outreach approach.
    • Do Executive Skills or Language Skills Best Predict Social Competence?

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Gonyo, Katharine; Whitford, Shasta; Bassendowski, Nancy (2009)
      Research has shown that children with developmental language impairment are at high risk for social and behavioral problems, although the reasons for this relationship are not entirely clear. Some have proposed that language impairment leads to social and behavioral problems, while others have suggested that there is some other mediating factor. In this study, executive dysfunction was found to be a powerful predictor of social skills and problem behaviors, while language alone was not.
    • Elegy

      Pfaff, William (2013)
      Elegy is a brief composition without overt repetition in its large-scale formal design. The piece is unified instead by the developing variation of a single motive. The variations manifest themselves in two ways. First, the motive undergoes constant intervallic variation (what is heard at the outset as a perfect eleventh appears later as a major ninth, etc.). Second, concurrent with the intervallic alterations, the motive functions in different contexts within individual phrases: the motive may begin or end a phrase, or occur abruptly in the middle of a phrase. The combination of these two processes generates a sense of musical evolution and growth within defined boundaries.
    • Executive Functions and Their Relationship to Social Skills and Problem Behaviors

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Gonyo, Katharine; Whitford, Shasta; Bassendowski, Nancy (2009)
      This study examined social, behavioral, and executive function characteristics in a group of children referred for auditory and language processing assessment. Teacher ratings of executive functions were compared to parent ratings to determine if teacher's or parent's ratings are better predictors of social skill deficits or problem behaviors. Further, eight executive function skills were examined to determine which are most related to social skills and which are most related to problem behaviors.
    • Executive Functions as Predictors of Classroom Listening Skills

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Douglas, Priscilla; Selvarajah, Elizabeth (2012)
      The purpose of this study was to determine if executive functions, including working memory, are predictors of spoken language processing skills (or listening skills ) in the classroom, as measured by the Children's Auditory Performance Scale (CHAPS). Contribution of executive skills to classroom listening has important implications for assessment and remediation.