• “I Know I Must Conceal My Sentiments”: the repression of female emotions in Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens , North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

      Perles, Dylan Sage (2020-05)
      ​As the 19th century progressed, emotional and sexual repression became integral norms in Victorian society. This norm fell most heavily on middle class British women. Among the cultural indicators that best exemplified this phenomenon were the novels written at the time. In Victorian literature, the heroine was often characterized by her need to repress her own emotions and sexuality. Three such heroines are Jane Eyre from Charlotte ​Brontë’s​ ​Jane Eyre​, Margaret Hale from Elizabeth Gaskell’s ​North and South​, and Florence Dombey from Charles Dickens’ ​Dombey and Son.​ Their behavior reflects societal expectations for young women in Victorian England.
    • Immigration reform in America: the history of policies, their implications and effective interventions

      Sierra, Cory (2021-05)
      The history of immigration policies in the U.S. reveals an ongoing cycle that poses barriers for immigrants of all ages...These hardships put immigrants at higher risk for physical and mental illnesses and their lack of access to resources along with other barriers decreases their ability to seek or receive treatment. By examining the reasoning behind these policies as well as key factors that impair the wellbeing of immigrants the need for social support and access to services was identified.
    • The impact of Hambach mine

      Norrito, Benjamin C. (2021-05)
      Like many countries across the globe, both developed and developing, Germany has had a historical reliance on coal. Sitting on a massive amount of lignite (also known as “brown coal”) reserves, Germany has encouraged continued coal extraction and consumption in order to ensure its energy independence. This policy has led to a number of massive open-pit mines across the northwest of the country. One such mine, Hambach mine, stands at the site of a once proud and ancient forest of the same name. As the lignite sat under the forest, the mine continually consumed it in order to access the fuel beneath. Since the mining began in the late 1970s, the forest has been reduced by 90% and at a great cost. As the forest has been logged, biodiversity has been threatened along with the fragile and unique ecosystem it contains. The mine has also been responsible for a decrease in air quality and has overseen a rise in respiratory issues as far as France. The mine has been detrimental to its surroundings as well, consuming a number of villages, all while the parent company, RWE, offers their condolences. The major impacts of the mine have not gone unnoticed and many have protested, aiming to protect what remains of the ancient forest as well as the nearby towns. Despite resistance to the mine, RWE, partnered with the German government has persisted with its mining operations even as coal becomes less desirable fuel in the face of climate change.
    • The inadequacies of the Psychopath Checklist Revised (PCL-R)

      Horowitz, Eli (2018-05)
      I propose that the current criteria for diagnosing Psychopathy, the Psychopath Checklist Revised (PCL-R), is biased towards criminal and antisocial tendencies. While it may be an accurate screening method and means of predicting recidivism in antisocial Psychopaths, it does not shed light on the countless other individuals who may be thought of as “prosocial” psychopaths. There may very well be many individuals who satisfy much of the existing criteria for psychopathy and exhibit the neuro-morphology typical in antisocial psychopaths, but do not exhibit antisocial behavior and thus would not be tested, nor receive a score on the PCL-R that would classify them as a psychopath. I will examine the methods present in identifying psychopaths today and propose the idea that amongst us are many more.
    • An injection of truth: an exploration of public health inequalities concerning vaccinations during outbreaks

      Scarimbolo, Laura (2018-05)
      The inequalities in vaccine uptake can lead to outbreaks that further exploit the differences in health. Public health initiatives in the United States attempt to provide better vaccination coverage and awareness in response, but fail to reflect all inequalities. Public health inequalities are brought about as a result of various policies, differing socioeconomic status, and location. These inequalities affect populations in their own unique ways based on the interaction of their confounding lifestyle factors such as age, class, and accessibility to health sources.
    • Integrating American Sign Language into the inclusive classroom

      Kennedy, Alicia (2019-05)
      An Inclusive classroom is an environment where students with various educational needs are educated within the same setting. Integrating American Sign Language into an inclusive classroom has the ability to better assist students who are children of Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing adults, students who have hearing impairments and are educated in a general education classroom and students who have certain types of learning disabilities. This integration can also help teachers with general classroom management as well as promoting inclusivity within their classroom. Integrating American Sign Language into an inclusive classroom is beneficial for students because it will assist them in learning the language, make the classroom a more comfortable setting for students whose first language is American Sign Language, as well as assist students who do not communicate orally.
    • Intersections between interpersonal trauma and substance use: increasing support in existing programs

      Bryden, Alexa (2020-05)
      Interpersonal trauma and substance abuse are two issues that are incredibly intertwined, but they are often treated as separate issues. This thesis will examine how interpersonal trauma and substance abuse interact, and discuss how existing treatment programs can be improved to create better outcomes for service participants.
    • Investigating the impact of dialect on short-term memory: a pilot study

      Phillips, Erin (2019-12)
      This paper summarizes and discusses the findings of a university based study following the impact of dialect on one’s ability to recall information in both familiar and unfamiliar dialects. According to current research, experience plays a part in one’s ability to encode and retrieve information in unfamiliar dialects efficiently. Adults who self-identified as native speakers of English were recruited to participate in the study. Individuals listened to two short passages in either unfamiliar or familiar dialect and were then prompted to answer questions immediately after. Short-Term Memory recall tasks were implemented in the form of fill in the blank and summary questions. In addition to this, participants were asked to rate their confidence when answering both sets of questions. Results of the study, through qualitative data provide supportive evidence regarding the correlation between task complexity and processing demands.
    • Iridium complexes of quinone-based phosphine ligands

      Thackeray, Sachin S. (2019-12)
      This project was focused on the synthesis of iridium complexes containing Quinone-based phosphine ligands under dry and inert conditions. Iridium complexes with pincer-type ligands have been shown to serve as efficient catalysts in alkane dehydrogenation. However, to regenerate these compounds to their original states and maintain catalytic activity, a sacrificial hydrogen acceptor must be used which is costly and creates unnecessary by-products. Quinones may serve as a counter-balance to this inefficiency by acting as a catalytic hydrogen acceptor. Quinones may rapidly transition between their dehydrogenated and hydrogenated states through electron/proton transfers which may be driven electrochemically. The initial aim of this research was to produce iridium complexes bonded to a Quinone base in a pincer/tridentate framework. Two Quinone-based phosphine ligands (PCAQ and POAQ) were synthesized prior to being reacted with iridium-based catalysts. Synthesis reactions between Quinone-based ligands and iridium-based catalysts yielded a compound, which upon further investigation using 31P-NMR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy revealed a bidentate complex which was stabilized with a CO molecule. Further work is needed to characterize the compounds using X-ray crystallography and to compare the complexes to other iridium catalysts in efficiency of catalytic reactions.
    • I’m bad at math! A study of statistical anxiety and attitudes across majors

      Alacam, Egamaria (2018-05)
      The purpose of this research is to assess statistical anxiety and attitudes of students. This includes gender differences within specific majors, as well as differences across majors. Past research has shown significantly higher math anxiety scores and emotional negativity in females in comparison to males. However, when examined by major, there were no significant gender differences for psychology majors. In contrast, for business majors, females had higher emotional negativity. This study attempts to replicate those results and also extend to the math section of statistics, which includes many STEM majors, such as chemistry and biology. Questionnaires measuring anxiety and attitudes towards statistics were given out to the math, business, and psychology section of statistics classes. Business male students had higher fear of asking for help and put more effort into their statistics courses. There were no gender differences found for psychology students. STEM majors had less anxiety and more positive attitudes towards their statistics classes in comparison to business and psychology majors.
    • Jamie’s Italian ice business plan

      Ericksen, Jamie (2020-05)
      Italian ices is a popular frozen dessert that is not yet offered in the town of New Paltz. This document outlines a business plan to sell Italian ices by day and a frozen alcoholic treat by night. This product will be distributed from a push cart located in the heart of New Paltz. Through data, research, and my own personal findings, a complete breakdown of the company is discussed in detail. This breakdown includes the company overview, the marketing and management plan, the financial plan, and everything in between to realistically start this business venture. The purpose of this establishment will be to accommodate a frozen dessert to customers with dietary restrictions as well as bring an American staple to the Hudson Valley.
    • Just around the corner: Le Choux Café

      Yee, Natalie (2019-12)
      The purpose of this paper is to break down a business plan section-by-section to guide me in learning how to write a successful business plan. This specific business plan is about a bakery business, Le Choux Café, that I would like to open in the future. From marketing, to management, to finance, this paper goes through all of these topics. The marketing plan taught me the specific details that need to be considered from opening the bakery to keeping it alive for years to come. I didn’t previously consider the management aspect of the bakery as in-depth as I should have and discovered many elements that are critical to sustaining Le Choux. I performed a basic sketch of the financial plan for the sake of the thesis, but I know that the numbers that need to be considered are more complex than what is provided. I have provided visual aid to show how I would market my bakery, such as business cards and pictures of baked goods that I have personally made.
    • The keeper of the belt: exploring objects, family, and the Russian diaspora

      Kohn, Carina (2018-05)
      My project consists of a collection of short stories which explore material culture through the lens of the Russian diaspora. Each piece gives voice to Russian immigrants who have experienced what it feels like to uproot one’s entire life and leave almost everything behind. My focus is on the items they have held on to. In preparation to tell these stories, I have examined historical texts and memoirs discussing the cultural and political structures of the Soviet Union. I have also interviewed Russian family members and friends—many of whom are represented as protagonists in their respective stories. Throughout my first of set interviews, it became evident that these individuals were deeply attached to the items they presented, and were able to tap into a reservoir of memories associated with them. I have my own set of Russian objects, which have been passed down to me by my mother, and this project has helped me pay attention to them in new ways. It has also given me the opportunity to contextualize my mother’s immigration and view it as a part of a larger experience. I am currently in the process of adding to my pool of interviews. With every story that I write, I gain a deeper understanding of what it means to have a relationship to places where you live, and the people who you love. If a photograph is known to speak a thousand words, then how many can a preserved candy wrapper say, or a loved one’s wallet?
    • Language, queerly phrased: a sociolinguistic examination of nonbinary gender identity in French

      del Caño, Madeleine (2019-05)
      Language, a uniquely human skill, is intrinsic to the self. Beyond its base communication purpose, language serves to shape the identity of the speakers who use it. One of the biggest examples of language defining and confining interlocutors’ identities is the concept of gender. Based on a language’s use of gender, speakers of that language are confined to the gender rules set forth in grammatical systems. How then can people who do not identify as male or female be recognized as legitimate if the language they speak does not accommodate for their gender identity? This thesis aims to examine how gender variant people speak in gendered languages, first examining English, Hebrew and Japanese as case studies, then moving on to the historically rigid and regulated French. This study examines respondents’ proposed solutions to the French language’s lack of a non-gendered pronoun on social media to see if it is indeed possible for people to identify themselves and each other in a language that does not structurally recognize them as legitimate.
    • The latest fashion trend: water sustainability and social ethics

      Mahoney, Musa (2018-05)
      This thesis seeks to present the current state of the fast fashion industry, focusing on water and social ethics to discuss the various health effects and environmental implications stimulated by global fashion trade, while proposing valuable solutions for both consumers and producers. The research breaks down only some of the industry’s main inputs by material selection and hazardous chemical usage found in clothing purchased by consumers. The paper can be further embellished with more recent industrial shifts, as the current market is experiencing drastic changes. It is with tremendous hope that much of this research is to become history, as creative solutions continue to surface upon the world epidemic that is fast fashion. To better answer the questions of the heavy implications brought out by the fashion trade, individual and holistic viewpoints on sustainable development have been used, supported by natural resource depletion levels (which clearly depict the capacity of our ecosystems) to discuss the future of fashion. Businesses and governments must meet with the ultimate goal of implementing conscious consumerism and improving the quality of human life. Looking good and feeling good should not be mutually exclusive from doing good.
    • Literature for liberation: the development and application of black children’s literature

      Vasta, Tessa America (2021-05)
      One of the greatest injustices being committed against minority people in the United States is a lack of representation in literature. The curriculum being used in the vast majority of schools lacks representation of anyone who is not white. The few times minorities are represented, it is stereotypical or racist. This lack of representation ultimately silences students and discourages them from engaging in school. Which then snowballs into greater problems later on, fewer opportunities, dropping out, school to prison pipeline. In order to lessen the achievement gap between white students and students of color, improvements must be made in the US education system.
    • Literature in America: the effect of worldstates on literary popularity

      Kapusinsky, Carly (2020-05)
      How does the impact of historical events which occurred throughout a generation’s formative years affect the popularity of stories, and how might this analysis be used for current estimations of literary trends?
    • Living Strange, a novel

      Giese, Allison (2018-05)
      Living Strange is about a young webcomic artist, Aaron Bateson, as he survives a suicide attempt and must begin the arduous process of recovery. However, a muddled and strained family situation, along with the fact that he’s begun to see his dead ex-boyfriend’s ghost, is making it even harder. Living Strange is a story about healing and reclamation. Structurally speaking, it’s a coming-of-age story, filled with phantoms of the past. Mental illness, specifically chronic depression and anxiety, feature prominently in the story and how they color the voice of the protagonist. Additionally, persona narration and free indirect style are used to show how Aaron’s mental illnesses affect his consciousness and how he tells his story. Parallels are drawn between the protagonist and the late Dmitri through specific and controlled encounters, as Dmitri was never able to seek help for his depression. At its heart, this novel is a character study about how we heal when things go wrong, and when we’re at our rawest and most vulnerable.
    • Love Canal: community vulnerability and human-induced environmental disaster

      Goldstein, Hana (2018-05)
      This case study paper will examine the causes and effects of the human-induced environmental disaster at Love Canal. It will specifically highlight the significant impact it had on a lower income, working class neighborhood. Lower income communities tend to have less power and less resource accessibility, which in turn creates their enhanced vulnerability when a disaster strikes. In 1978, it was discovered that hazardous waste had contaminated homes and schools in the Love Canal area, a former chemical landfill which later became a 15 acre neighborhood in the City of Niagara Falls in Western New York. On August 7, 1978, the United States President Jimmy Carter declared a federal emergency at the Love Canal. It became the first man-made disaster to receive emergency funds from the federal government to remedy an industrial disaster. Lessons to take away from this environmental tragedy include the significant leadership role of local resident, Lois Gibbs in the environmental justice movement and the proper disposal of hazardous waste for the protection of the public health and the environment.
    • Love in lockdown: how the pandemic affects dating and relationships for emerging adults

      Fego, Emily (2021-05)
      The longform feature article documents how young people navigate dating and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time in their lives, young adults are meant to explore their identity and find out who they are and who they want to surround themselves with. They can meet lifelong friends at college and even find their lifelong partner. But, for the most part, socialization has been put on hold this past year due to COVID-19. Finding a new romantic partner seemed especially difficult with strictly online dating platforms. Social distancing guidelines made the prospect of safely going on dates nearly impossible. Those already in relationships faced the challenges of maintaining a long-distance connection when they might have only lived a block away from each other. Others felt trapped with only the company of their partners during stay-at-home orders. The article addresses these challenges with expert insight from psychologists who provide advice and hope for the future of young love.