• The Brooklynite abroad: how I turned my personal travel blog into a business

      O’Brien, Veronica (2020-12)
      COVID-19 negatively impacted thousands of vacation plans worldwide. After months of lockdown and quarantine restrictions, people are now eager to start traveling again. A travel boom is coming our way. We have already seen several spontaneous trips across the globe and it is only expected to increase as the months go on. Given all of the changes in regards to social distancing and safety regulations, the travel industry has changed. The way that we once traveled is now a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean for the worse. Traveling still has that spark of joy associated with learning and experiencing the thrill of new cultures, even if it is within your own country. While the cure to the coronavirus pandemic is not certain to happen anytime soon, we have to adapt. By that I mean we have to completely change the way that we travel. As a matter of fact, given the demands of eager travelers, it has never been a better time than now to turn travel blogging into a career.
    • The reality of black owned business, what can we do to make a difference?

      McDonald, Lonniece (2020-05)
      As a black woman studying finance, I am concerned about the success of black owned businesses. I explore the history of black owned businesses highlighting challenges and factors that made them successful. Going back as far as the 18th century, black people have always been a part of the business community but unfortunately were never able to prosper immensely compared to white businesses. They have been systematically oppressed and suffered from hidden agendas inflicted by the white race; including but not limited to; racism, sexism, classism and the list goes on, causing a cycle of debt. After interviewing a few individuals involved with the business industry, we continue to see people of color face similar problems. It is only through education and with the help of organizations devoted to the economic development of black communities that we see black businesses thriving. While there are a number of black owned businesses with successful stories, black people are inadvertently struggling to find investments and run a self-sufficient business. Reasons ranging from a lack of support from their communities to poor reputation from white superiors. As a result, black businesses are disproportionately represented, impairing their socio-economic status and causing a life of struggle. With everything being said, there is a way that we can help black owners achieve success and get the proper investment needed for their businesses. With the help of banks, local communities, government officials etc., people can work together to uplift black businesses. There is a dire need to establish diversity, equity and inclusion, support groups, directly invest in black owned businesses, and educate the ignorant and uncertain. The end goal is for people to have the same opportunities, despite their race class or gender, and to develop a world where there are a higher number of black owned businesses thriving.
    • Something old, something new

      Cocuzza, Giovanna (2021-05)
      This thesis is in the form of a business model for a new company, Something Old, Something New, an app that allows brides and bridesmaids to buy and resell used gowns in order to be more sustainable. The goal of this presentation is to pitch the business to investors, and get them to invest in the company. Research was collected online using various wedding planning sites.