• Suicide in the veterinary field

      Kalappura, James (2021-05)
      The Veterinary field is a popular field, however, when it comes to mental health, these health care professionals are overlooked. Looking into statistical, psychological, and scientific studies on veterinarians and how they cope with depression is important to look into when covering this topic. Occupational stressors are the main cause of depression for veterinarians and veterinary students. These stressors are further exacerbated by negative coping mechanisms. Suicide is seen much too often in this field and knowing the ways that it is carried about and why can lead to a better understanding of the occupation. The pressure to care for animals and communicate with pet owners is immense and there is clearly a connection between depression and the work related stress. This is explored in this paper with the hope to find clarity in why this issue exists and how it can be addressed in the future.