• Love in lockdown: how the pandemic affects dating and relationships for emerging adults

      Fego, Emily (2021-05)
      The longform feature article documents how young people navigate dating and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time in their lives, young adults are meant to explore their identity and find out who they are and who they want to surround themselves with. They can meet lifelong friends at college and even find their lifelong partner. But, for the most part, socialization has been put on hold this past year due to COVID-19. Finding a new romantic partner seemed especially difficult with strictly online dating platforms. Social distancing guidelines made the prospect of safely going on dates nearly impossible. Those already in relationships faced the challenges of maintaining a long-distance connection when they might have only lived a block away from each other. Others felt trapped with only the company of their partners during stay-at-home orders. The article addresses these challenges with expert insight from psychologists who provide advice and hope for the future of young love.
    • Plagued filmmaking

      Vallone, Anna (2021-05)
      In the fall of 2020, I and a team of three other Media Production majors embarked on our senior capstone film. I knew it would be challenging when I took on the project, as well as accepted the responsibility of being the Director of Photography as well as an editor, but I didn't expect my skills and knowledge of the major to be tested as much, and as thoroughly, as they were. However difficult, I'm thankful to have had such an outstanding support system of my three group mates, as well as our incredible professor, to make this project what it is now.