• The inadequacies of the Psychopath Checklist Revised (PCL-R)

      Horowitz, Eli (2018-05)
      I propose that the current criteria for diagnosing Psychopathy, the Psychopath Checklist Revised (PCL-R), is biased towards criminal and antisocial tendencies. While it may be an accurate screening method and means of predicting recidivism in antisocial Psychopaths, it does not shed light on the countless other individuals who may be thought of as “prosocial” psychopaths. There may very well be many individuals who satisfy much of the existing criteria for psychopathy and exhibit the neuro-morphology typical in antisocial psychopaths, but do not exhibit antisocial behavior and thus would not be tested, nor receive a score on the PCL-R that would classify them as a psychopath. I will examine the methods present in identifying psychopaths today and propose the idea that amongst us are many more.