• Building a performance: the art of creating a puppet

      Allen, Emma (2019-05)
      Building a puppet requires both research and physical labor- the same pieces that go into creating a performance. There are many intricate details that require long hours, undivided attention, and pricked fingertips. Despite the hardship, however, puppetry has survived the test of time much like the concept of theatre itself. For this project, I was focused on the creation of puppets in the style of Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets, and the performance style popularized by Avenue Q , in which the puppeteer and puppet are both visible to the audience. Throughout this process, I have built a hand and rod puppet (named Amelia) and created a character that this puppet embodies. She is whimsical and innocent, tapped into a youthful energy that is made only more potent by her fuzzy purple appearance. I also crafted a presentation to allow Amelia to be introduced to the world as her slightly silly self. Along with the actual puppet, I created a short photo album to document her childhood and accompany her presentation.