• Can integrating the theory of multiple intelligences and the use of sign language assist ell students academically and emotionally in the classroom?

      Zhang, Helen (2020-05)
      English Language Learners have a difficult time learning a new language and having the extra support in a classroom can make all the difference in their education and self-esteem. As teachers in training, we know not all students are alike and because of that, we must differentiate our teaching to help students walk away with being confident in their education. Integrating the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by working to strengthen two or more intelligences can open numerous possibilities and opportunities for these students. Additionally, students who may or may not know sign language could benefit from using this form of communication to express themselves physically and emotionally in the classroom. Sign language has the ability to become the bridge that helps ELL students learn English. Through research, it has been found that sign language helps students learn new words and express themselves when English is not their native language.