• Affordable housing: there’s more to this than meets the wallet a longform, multimedia news report

      Staniscia, Tina (2020-05)
      The print article called, “Affordable Housing: This is More Than Meets the Wallet,” is a multimedia presentation with text, photographs, and data visualizations. Unfortunately, the human face/voice is lacking, providing another side to my story. But the professionals in their fields were incredibly generous with their time and expertise. With the focus being on my hometown of the City of Poughkeepsie, the pandemic has indeed stalled some projects which are providing new and renovated housing units, but others continue to move forward. For a future article, I hope to re-interview the Mayor, and others who can give me a different perspective about how they see the city continue to improve.
    • “The Rent is Too Damn High”: why renters deserve more affordable housing policies in the United States, such as good cause eviction

      Bale-Crowder, Sarah (2022-05)
      The housing crisis in the United States has plagued our country and will continue to persist without further governmental action. Across the country, renters face housing insecurity, which was made worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the housing crisis, state and local lawmakers in New York proposed the Good Cause Eviction bill to prevent community members from being unfairly forced out of their homes. The proposed legislation gives additional rights to renters, making sure the most vulnerable are not being pushed out of their community. The housing crisis hurts everyone in the housing market, but it is especially hard on low-income, people of color. The legislation has sparked debate among both Republicans and Democrats around the state. The Good Cause Eviction Law has not yet passed at the state level but has gained support and passage in cities across New York State, including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Albany. As the law continues to gain support in towns and cities across New York, it is clear that Good Cause Eviction law is a first step in helping renters yet appears to be a temporary solution to a much deeper, affordable-housing crisis that requires more attention from federal, state, and local governments. While the scope of this paper focuses on current and past legislation within New York, the paper will examine policies and research from across the country.