• Noise-induced hearing loss in military personnel: a comparative review

      Lavan, Kayleen (2021-05)
      Military service members are often exposed to damaging occupational noise levels. The focus of this research is to investigate why noise induced hearing loss is still so prevalent in the military today, despite modern day regulations, protection, and programs. I will be working on this research under the guidance of Dr. Arnao and Professor Beers, as my senior thesis advisors. Primarily using peer reviewed journals and government statistics, as well as surveys, I will be investigating and documenting the correlation between combat and noise-induced hearing loss. I will be discussing the different sources of noise exposure in the military. I will also discuss how the different branches of the military compare in their noise exposure, as well as comparing hearing conservation and hearing protection of soldiers/sailors/airmen during the Vietnam War to those of more recent wars. I will be delving into the history of audiology within the military as well as the science of audiology itself, and attempting to explain why hearing loss is still the number one disability among veterans. In conclusion, I will summarize and discuss the commonalities and/or differences found between the published literature and the survey results.