• The art of fashion: exploring the boundaries between ceramic materials and human dress and adornment

      Gumbrecht, Rachel (2019-05)
      I am most interested in drawing closer connections between the distinct fields of fashion and ceramics. Influenced greatly by clothing and the flexibility of textile materials, my ceramic work is often inspired by the softness of fabrics and feminine figural forms. Using processes of research and design, I strive to create intelligently functional ceramic works. Fabric and clay are equally intriguing to me; while the two have vastly different properties, they are united under their quality of usefulness.Both clay and fabric can be manipulated to create new, functional forms, designed with pure purpose and attention to aesthetics. The 3–dimensional clay forms I make generally include vessels such as vases, bowls, cups, and jars, which are meant to be used daily. I also look for opportunities to create objects that are not found in the kitchen, but are equally useful in daily life. The Art of Fashion is meant to be a self-portrait that explores the way in which garments are enhanced by the addition of handmade ceramic buttons and jewelry. The elegance of my work in these varying materials derives from the simplicity of the forms in conjunction with a smooth, pastel palette of glazes. My finished products display elements of reverie and timelessness.
    • Mismatch: translating concepts of evolutionary psychology into an aggregation of various aesthetic mediums

      McQuade, Brianna (2021-12)
      Preliminary research in regard to this thesis project began in part of Glenn Geher’s Seminar in Psychology course that focused on the concept of positive evolutionary psychology. This literature review, similarly to aspects of evolutionary psychology, is not stand-alone. In addition to research that will be provided on the concept of evolutionary mismatch, I will be discussing how I chose to artistically interpret these subconcepts within mismatch—and apply them to various mediums within the realm of fine arts. Having the space and support to combine my interests to create this interdisciplinary project is something I am really thankful for.