• An exploration of the kidney through 3D printed ceramic sculpture

      Gitelson, Ben (2022-05)
      The human body is fragile, yet resilient, but ultimately it is finite. I’ve watched Mom bounce back from countless illnesses and disabilities, becoming a stronger person each time. Almost like breaking and setting a bone. The clay that these pieces are made of is a permanent installation in our world. If taken care of properly, it will outlive both myself and my mother. This project is a testament to her success, and proof that she beat her illness, for all to see. I consider it a trophy of sorts. It was an intimate experience working with the DICOM footage of her transplanted kidney. It rarely occurred to me that the images I was looking at don’t originate from her body. Making art with these images made me feel closer to my mother, and it also made me feel closer to my newfound ceramics peers, whom I have been able to share my story with. I felt welcomed by this community immediately, and there are countless people, many of them here, who have had an impact on this project in one way or another.