• The state of student debt in the United States

      Salomon, Molli (2020-05)
      Student debt has been an ongoing issue for a while but do you know the total amount of debt the United States actually faces? Forbes recorded that in May of 2019, there were 42.8 million people that owed some form of student debt and a total of $1.64 trillion debt among students in the United States. There have been different approaches to try to solve the student debt crisis but it is still a struggle for students attending colleges and universities throughout the United States. The Presidential Candidates for the upcoming election have a lot to say regarding the student debt crisis and have different plans of tackling student loan debt. We could potentially see major changes as the presidential candidates for the upcoming election continue to share their ideas and ways to attack student debt for everyone. The contrast amongst the different candidates is significant and raises many questions and concerns for students. Though we hope to see progress in the near future, it is important to inform ourselves about the overall topic, statistics and financial background that has led students of the United States to the position we are in now.