• Trump breaks the Internet: an analysis of the accuracy of the 45th President

      Wolf-Sonkin, Elee (2019-05)
      This paper is broken up into two parts. The first part describes the powers and consequences of presidential rhetoric. The president has defining, institutional, and psychological power over the people through their rhetoric. This power is extremely impactful and can be dangerous. The second part outlines possible reasons why the 45th President is especially inaccurate in his rhetoric, settling on the Personal Experience school, which suggests that Trump’s business history yields accuracies in economic rhetoric, yet his lack of political experience yields inaccuracies in policy rhetoric. After an analysis of ten randomly selected tweets from Donald J. Trump’s account in various categories (Unemployment, Deficit, Health Care, and Immigration), I analyzed accuracies and found that despite very low percentages of accuracies in both economic and policy rhetoric, the President was actually more accurate in policy rhetoric than he was in economic rhetoric.