• Just around the corner: Le Choux Café

      Yee, Natalie (2019-12)
      The purpose of this paper is to break down a business plan section-by-section to guide me in learning how to write a successful business plan. This specific business plan is about a bakery business, Le Choux Café, that I would like to open in the future. From marketing, to management, to finance, this paper goes through all of these topics. The marketing plan taught me the specific details that need to be considered from opening the bakery to keeping it alive for years to come. I didn’t previously consider the management aspect of the bakery as in-depth as I should have and discovered many elements that are critical to sustaining Le Choux. I performed a basic sketch of the financial plan for the sake of the thesis, but I know that the numbers that need to be considered are more complex than what is provided. I have provided visual aid to show how I would market my bakery, such as business cards and pictures of baked goods that I have personally made.