• Music technology and music therapy practice: a survey of current practice with recommendations for future research

      Rothenberg, Elena (2021-08)
      The purpose of this study was to learn what technology is currently being used by music therapists. The data was collected via a one-time online survey. The participants were 153 board-certified music therapists who use technology within clinical practice. Survey results were analyzed, revealing that the most common type of technology reported among respondents was Interactive Apps on iPads (n = 93). Survey results discuss technology use with music therapy methods. iPad (n = 93) and electrical instruments (n = 51) were the most commonly used technology among respondents. Respondents reported using GarageBand the most across all four music therapy methods with 15.28% of respondents using GarageBand for improvisation, 16.67% using it for recreative methods, 65.38% using GarageBand to compose, while 2.78% use it for receptive methods. The need for inclusion of technology in music therapy education as well as recommendations for future research are discussed.