• Family-centered music therapy in the hospitalization treatment of children: a systematic review

      Simpson-Abrams, Eva C. (2018-05)
      A family-centered approach is becoming more widely used in the treatment of hospitalized children. In general, the involvement of the family is becoming more of a focus during the treatment process in music therapy. Medical music therapy research has grown that examines the benefits of using music therapy in medical settings. However, there are few studies that examine the individual perspectives of children and parents experiencing hospitalization, and how family-centered music therapy addresses these specific, expressed needs. The aim of this systematic review is to examine the needs of parents and children in order to support the use of family-centered music therapy care in children’s hospitals and to further family-centered music therapy research. Thorough database searches were used to gather data for this review, which was then synthesized in order to create common themes. These themes reflect how researchers should approach future endeavors to understand the hospitalization experience and how family-centered music therapy studies should be conducted.