• Benedictine, Bridge Back, and beyond : a proposal for an integrated music therapy program involving graduated levels of substance misuse treatment

      Hitchcock, Sarah (2020-05)
      The following document is an in-depth proposal for expanding a part-time music therapy program in a medical setting focused on the needs and concerns of people who are struggling to recover from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The enlarged program would include a full-time music therapist with expanded responsibilities.This proposal has been designed for the HealthAlliance programs in Kingston, New York: First Step Detoxification Program and the First Step Rehabilitation Program at Benedictine Hospital, the Outpatient Program at Bridge Back South. The needs of patients recovering from alcohol and drug misuse are specific to their stage in the recovery process, detoxification, early rehabilitation, or longer-term rehabilitation. This proposed music therapy program addresses the specific needs of the patient at each stage of the recovery process. This proposal focuses on the needs of the patients, describes details of the actual program, and shows how the music therapy program integrates into the larger context of the medical program. Finally, it lays out the financial needs of the proposed music therapy program and its expected outcomes. This proposal will demonstrate how a strong, integrated music therapy program can assist in the care and healing of people suffering from substance misuse and how to address its underlying causes.
    • Music therapy as a tool for recovery : a program proposal for Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center

      Sastow, Tamara (2020-05)
      I am proposing a music therapy program for Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center (Mountainside), at their main campus by the foothills of the Berkshire mountain range in Canaan, Connecticut. The purpose of this paper is to educate and impart knowledge of music therapy, including potential benefits, how it can be applied to addiction treatment, and why a music therapy program should be integrated into the continuous supportive care of clients at Mountainside. Addiction is a life-changing disease that can have a significant impact on all aspects of a person’s health, including their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Music therapy is an effective form of supportive care for affected individuals throughout the treatment process, and can improve overall wellness and quality of life. This paper reviews some of the common wants and needs of this population, and how music therapy serves as a means for support and a medium for change.