• Finding connections : a case study emphasizing therapuetuic relationship through the lens of relational music therapy

      Artus, Nicole (2017-10)
      This case study examines music therapy with Emily, a young adult female with developmental delays from a relational, intersubjective perspective. Emily’s therapy occurred while I was an intern at a holistic, integrative, residential treatment and education center for adults and children with significant intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and multiple disabilities. Six music therapy sessions are described in detail, examining the role that our therapeutic and musical relationship had in optimizing Emily’s clinical goals. The purpose of presenting this case study is to investigate how the core components of humanistic and relational theory, such as vitality (Stern, 2010), unconditional positive regard and empathy (Rogers & Stanford, 1984), intersubjectivity (Trondalen, 2016), relationship based approach (Greenspan & Wieder, 2003), and musicality (Nordoff & Robbins, 1992) impacted Emily’s treatment.