• A comparison of mainstream and evolutionarily informed physical fitness

      Fell, Jessica (2014-05)
      This study aimed to explore the health and fitness activities, perceptions, expectations, motivations, and outcomes of Gold’s Gym members (representative of a mainstream gym experience) and CrossFit members (representative of an evolutionarily informed training program). These variables are included in broad predictions of CrossFit members having higher attendance rates, reporting a greater feeling of community and camaraderie, and increased fitness outcomes as compared to Gold’s Gym members. Results indicated that members of modern and evolutionarily informed fitness facilities might not vary greatly in attendance rates both within group, and as compared to one another. Personality characteristics did not appear to deviate either, although source of motivation (extrinsic versus intrinsic) may. However, motivations for choosing a facility, equipment used, and time spent on activities differed, and coincided with the respective gym type. Furthermore, broad perceptions of physical health and fitness appear to correspond with the underlying philosophy of the fitness facility chosen.