• Exploring the journey of nontraditional students in the music therapy field: a phenomenological inquiry

      McNally, Sean (2022-05)
      My journey to the field of music therapy was one I initially thought was a random amalgamation of events completely unique to me. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film/video and upon graduation, decided I did not want to pursue a career in the film industry. I shifted to playing music at a professional level. After some time, I began losing passion for the type of late-night work I was doing. I felt an interest in special education after having had some experience lifeguarding for a Special Olympics program in high school. At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to take a daytime job as a teaching assistant at a school for students with developmental delays. During this employment, I was deeply moved to witness the work of music therapists. The social and emotional connections students would achieve in music were moments I viewed as profoundly meaningful. These experiences informed my decision to go to graduate school to pursue a career I found deeply meaningful and fulfilling.