• Music therapy program for older adults in Boryeong-Si, South Korea

      Kim, Cholong (2018-05)
      The purpose of this thesis is to implement a music therapy program to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital in Boryeong-Si (BGRH), South Korea. BGRH is a long-term health institution devoted entirely to the surrounding community. This music therapy program is designed to have a positive impact on older adults receiving treatment at BGRH. As the older adult population steadily increases in South Korea, a growing concern is whether there are appropriate plans that improve health or battle illnesses associated with older age. In Boryeong-Si, the older adults population over 65 years old has been increasing 1% every year (Kim, 2018). This proposal investigates the views of a holistic music therapy approach and how the music therapy influences older adults at BGRH. The music therapy program is designed to help diverse symptoms in aging related psychological disorders, neurologic disorders, and will also improve the quality of life for older adults in Boryeong-Si. Music therapy interventions will examine and address the aging symptoms especially related to depression, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease in older adults.