• Integration and meaning-making of peak experiences in Bonny method of guided imagery and music : an empirical phenomenological study

      Jones, Katie (2019-08)
      This study is an empirical phenomenological study that investigated the lived experience of meaning-making and integration of peak experiences in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. A total of four participants were enrolled in this study: two GIM Fellows and two GIM clients. All participants shared their own lived experiences of the phenomena through semi-structured interviews. Participants shared ways in which they made meaning of their experience, and then integrated it into their daily lives. This study aimed to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals bring these experiences back into their lifeworlds and whether they experience any life changes. This study found that all participants processed their experience by engaging in a creative process, i.e., drawing, writing, or other consciousness shifting meditations. Once meaning was derived, all participants expressed experiences of increased openness and expansion, as well as a greater awareness of spiritual oneness. All participants shared experiences of change and transformation following their experience, demonstrating the potential benefits of the Bonny Method of GIM for promoting experiences of self-actualization and spiritual wellness.