• Teaching Writing for Students with Learning Disabilities in an Inclusive Classroom Setting: A Curriculum Development Project

      Zhang, Jie; Golley, Ashley M.; The College at Brockport (2015-04-01)
      Students with learning disabilities often struggle with writing. They lack the appropriate strategies to use while writing, which leaves them frustrated and unwilling to continue writing. Teachers need to find strategies that will help their students become more engaged and excited about their writing. Finding effective strategies for planning, composing, and revising writing pieces will help students with learning disabilities become more proficient writers. Some strategies that can be used are graphic organizers, TREE, mentor texts, and CDO. These are different planning, composing, and revising strategies that can be taught to help the students become more effective with their writing. Being able to write proficiently is an important life skill that everyone needs to learn. Helping students with learning disabilities develop better writing skills will help them become more successful students and will lead them to a better future. In order for students with learning disabilities to become better writers, they need to be given appropriate strategies in planning, composing, and revising written pieces. This project provided information on students with learning disabilities, writing, and strategies that can be used to help these students become successful writers. Lesson plans and commentary aligned with the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) were incorporated to show how these strategies can be used.