• Boys, Blood and Bubblegum A Creative Look at the Inequity Faced by Female Identifying Authors

      Proehl, Kristen; Whitehorne, Angelica; The College at Brockport (2019-05-17)
      This thesis outlines the inequities faced by female authors throughout history with specific emphasize on the Brontë sisters and J.K. Rowling. Women authors are still under-published and stigmatized in the literary world, resulting in discrimination and lower chances of success for authors that do not identify with the male majority. By studying the use of pseudonyms, the publishing rates, as well as textual evidence from female writers, this thesis highlights the inequity still present within writing as a profession. By combining this research with my own creative work and expression, this thesis merges in personal perspective to create a holistic view of the realities of being a woman writer.